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Unified communications involves creating new opportunities for businesses to operate more efficiently and communicate effectively. At ICS, we understand that you probably have questions about unified communications, also referred to as unified messaging, and how it can be successfully implemented for your business. We offer personalized care for our clients and want to work closely with you to discover the exact benefits that unified communications can yield for your business.

We want to help design and implement a unified communication system that will save you time, money, and resources. By offering complete and comprehensive unified communications services, ICS can offer unified communications for exactly the services and communication methods that you use. Contact us to learn more about how you can manage all your faxes, emails and voicemails through one unified solution.

What Is Unified Messaging?

Simply put, unified messaging integrates various forms of communication such as fax messaging, email messaging, and voicemails into a single unified system accessible from MS Outlook or individual advanced interfaces. Through unifying these channels, we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s business processes, thus saving them time and money.

Through consistently updating our available technology and our knowledge of current options, our team members are able to offer the perfect solution for any company’s communication needs.

Benefits of Unified Messaging

Unifying your voicemail and other methods of communication boost your ability to organize and access communication methods. This increases efficiency and reduces issues caused by communication errors or oversights. Here are some features offered by unified messaging and how they can benefit your business:

  • Voicemail Alerts: Team members will be notified of voicemails through email, which can be accessed on any mobile device or computer worldwide.
  • Mobility: Voicemails can be accessed through the traditional means of a desk phone or calling in remotely, but they can also be heard and managed through Outlook.
  • Find Voicemails: Rather than trying to sort through a chronological set of voicemails, you can simply navigate through your inbox to quickly retrieve important messages.
  • Store Voicemails: Through the use of a simple WAV file, you can store voice mails in folders on any hard drive, making it easy to organize and backup voicemails.
  • Forward Voicemails: Now you can forward voicemails as easily as you can forward an email, making it easy to share information with other team members or personnel.

Why Choose ICS for Unified Messaging?

At ICS we create custom solutions for businesses of all sizes, and we want to implement the right solution for your needs. Unified communications offers features that any business can enjoy, but we want to ensure that you are able to fully receive its benefits. Through comprehensive integration and IT services, we can ensure that your unified communications system is fully integrated with your technology and that your staff are comfortable with its use.

We want to discuss your unique needs and the exact benefits that unified communications can offer your business. Contact ICS today to speak with our professional staff members and learn about the resources that we can offer you.