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Over the years more and more companies have come to rely on sending and receiving documents via the fax machine, it’s an important part of business today and an important function of unified communications. ICS understands this and we want to show you how your business can save time and money on your faxes. Imagine being able to cut your paper and ink costs by 90% or imagine being able to know exactly how many faxes have left your office today, who sent them, who they were sent to and even what was sent. These things and more are possible, and ICS can help you get there. For over 27 years ICS has been providing business communication systems that help organizations become more efficient and more effective. Bridge the gap between paper documents and the digital world. Call today for more information about unified fax messaging and unified communications.. Call 1-281-819-5829 today for a free consultation.

What Is Fax Messaging?

Simply put, fax messaging is the ability to send, receive, view and forward faxes electronically. In addition to these capabilities you also have the added benefit of being able to manage those processes from one place. Fax messaging is easily integrated with and easily managed by your MS Outlook client. For those who do not use Outlook or do not wish to integrate this product with Outlook, each of the fax messaging systems offered by ICS comes with its own robust Inbox client that will allow you to do everything you can do through Outlook and more.

How Has Fax Messaging Changed?

Fax messaging has changed significantly over the last few years. Through the utilizations of technologies like VoIP and Outlook, it has become easier than ever to send, receive, view and store faxes.

In the past, this was one part of a business that was not easily controlled, for example, you can record inbound and outbound calls, you can monitor employee’s emails and internet usage, but you can’t monitor or record what gets sent out over the fax. The desire to control every aspect of business has driven communication manufacturers to design solutions like fax messaging and fax messaging servers, giving you the ability to manage your organization to the best of your ability. In addition to being able to monitor incoming and outgoing faxes, certain reporting functions have been added to the fax messaging server that allows you to do even more. For example, with a fax messaging server you can search data just about any way that you can imagine, look at all faxes sent by one particular employee or a group of employees, find all incoming faxes sent from a particular caller ID, look at faxes sent during a particular time period and any combination of criteria that you can come up with.

Fax messaging has certainly changed for the better; making it easier to control and more effective to use, but there’s even more, take a look below at some of the changes that automatically save you time and money.

Fax Messaging Benefits

Take a look below to learn more about the features and benefits of fax messaging being utilized by organizations in today’s business environment.

Money Saving Benefits

  • Significantly reduce the cost your organization spends on ink, paper & fax repairs.(Take a look at the case study below to see how fax messaging saved one company over 100 thousand dollars a year.)
  • Save money on all faxes where long distance charges would apply.
  • As your business grows, the number of fax machines you own doesn’t have to.

Time Saving Benefits

  • No more waiting in line to send a fax. Simply email it from your Outlook.
  • You no longer have to wonder whether your fax went through or not. Reporting mechanisms alert you when a fax was unsuccessful.
  • Through fax queuing you don’t have to resend faxes because the line was busy, it will automatically resend until it’s successfully delivered.

Security Benefits

  • Know what’s been sent from your office, to whom and by whom.
  • Receive private or sensitive faxes, such as sales figures or employee evaluations right on your computer without having to worry about someone seeing what is received by the fax machine.

Ease of Use

  • Access your faxes from anywhere you have access to Outlook.
  • Send, receive, email and store faxes with the click of a button.
  • Send a 10 page fax to a dozen different locations within seconds.

Reporting Capabilities

  • Multiple reporting capabilities that allow you to search by:
    • Phone Number(sent or received)
    • Employee ID
    • City, State or Country
    • Area Code
    • Time Of Day
    • Specific Date
    • Fax Status
    • Number Of Pages
    • Much, Much More!

Fax Messaging Case Study

ICS helped one of the largest medical groups in the country save more than 100,000 dollars each year by deploying a fax messaging server within their organization.

“One of our clients in the medical industry came to us with a problem. They were spending thousands of dollars every month on faxes. They were sending and receiving roughly 1200 faxes per day, using 3000 sheets of paper per day and going through enormous amounts of ink cartridges. Immediately I knew they’d be a good candidate for a RightFax server. After explaining to them how fax messaging had changed and how they could essentially cut all of the paper and ink costs associated with printing faxes that they didn’t need to physically print, the owner literally said ‘sign me up’. It was a no-brainer for these guys and the money we saved them paid for the system within two months. They’ve been using the server for almost six months now and they absolutely love it, they can manage all their faxes right from their Outlook; send, receive, forward, store and view faxes right on their computer.”

This is just another example of how ICS is determined to provide custom solutions that save you time and money.

Fax Messaging vs. Fax Messaging Server

  • Regular Fax Messaging: Allows you to send, receive and view faxes through Outlook or a special fax inbox.
  • Fax Messaging Server: Gives you high end reporting capabilities; generate reports that can tell you how many faxes were sent, where they were sent to, who they were sent by and even what was sent, all at the click of a mouse.

How does ICS do it Better?

Many companies will sell you fax messaging solutions and fax messaging servers, but not all will actually deploy them in your organization or provide you with support after your purchase. It’s not that they don’t want to but they simply can’t because of the lack of experience of their employees in dealing with these types of systems. You can be rest assured that when you call ICS, the job will get done. ICS has a team of trained professionals that know exactly how to deploy fax messaging solutions of all kinds, whether it’s simple fax messaging through Outlook or a large fax messaging server, ICS will set it and provide the support as well. This is just another demonstration of how ICS sets itself apart from the competition by furthering the training and development of their staff members.

What’s Next?

The first step in deploying a voicemail system or upgrading your current system starts with a call to a professional business communications consultant like the friendly and knowledgeable staff at ICS. Start off the right way by calling ICS today. We have specialists ready to assist you. Call ICS today at 1-281-819-5829.