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Can Refining Your IT Strategy Boost Operational Efficiencies?

Digital business transformation is more than an overused tech phrase. It’s an imperative being pressed on technology and business leaders alike. Is your company ready to raise the bar for excellence?  

The digital transformation of your business can be messy and is rarely a linear process. There is an overwhelming tendency in larger organizations to select projects and then stick with them until the bitter end, whether or not they are still adding unique value. Again, that approach is challenging when you consider the speed of technological change. Multi-year projects are being broken down into smaller units. At the same time, technology infrastructures are often left as a “nice to have” when all other budget dollars have been allocated for the year. This is unfortunate, particularly when you consider that your IT infrastructure is the foundation upon which many businesses can build lasting change. Finding a path forward to refining your IT strategies may be precisely what you need to break through stalemates on other projects, shifting the paradigm on your approach to change management.

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Digital Improvements are Directly Tied to Revenue Growth

In a recent Gartner study, 56% of CEOs noted that improvements to their digital infrastructure led to significant revenue growth. These high-priority initiatives may look different depending on the type of company you’re managing. Still, there are several constants, including the need to revamp existing infrastructure to meet the demands for flexibility and scale of the modern enterprise. “IT-related priorities, cited by 31 percent of CEOs, have never been this high in the history of the CEO survey,” said Mark Raskino, vice president and Gartner Fellow. While some companies are shifting this focus by hiring more internal assets, this strategy is often hindered by two issues: lack of long-term budgets dedicated to expanding IT staff positions and a lack of qualified talent in the local workforce.

Consider the Technology Available for Change

With tech change far outpacing the ability of most organizations to upgrade their hardware and software, cloud-based solutions are becoming more attractive to a wide range of corporations that have traditionally managed their stack on-premise. When you consider the available technology, are there solutions that could dramatically improve processing time for your operations, reduce customer service costs, and provide value to your customers? If the infrastructure and technology stack that you currently have in place is not able to deliver the efficiencies that you need promptly, taking the time to retool the core of your technology may be a significant next step to keep strategies moving. There is often some reluctance to moving in this direction, as it can reveal issues that will need to be resolved in your technology infrastructure. Finding resolution earlier in the process can help shift the risk earlier — making your future IT moves more predictable and refined. Conversely, if there have not been significant advances in core platforms, it might be business processes and culture that need to be carefully reviewed before embarking on a broader digital transformation initiative.

A more refined IT strategy may be exactly what you need to make a significant leap forward with your business growth, but getting there can be quite a battle. Fortunately, the experts at ICS have the knowledge and experience necessary to help navigate the troubled waters of change. Contact our team to see how the business technology services offered by the professionals at ICS can help improve your overall efficiency and streamline operations for the future. We offer a free initial consultation to all clients and provide strategic engagements with high-level technical and business professionals to help ensure the security and stability of your network and telecommunications infrastructure.