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IT support HoustonDisaster recovery planning is essential for all businesses that want to survive a disaster. However, IT support experts in Houston say some businesses need this type of planning more than others. Let’s look at four situations where DRP is a must:

All IT Resources On-Site

Are all of your IT assets located at your company’s offices? If so, you need to start disaster recovery planning right now. A natural disaster could wipe out your physical location and all of your IT assets. That means you wouldn’t have your list of clients and sales leads. You wouldn’t have your A/R records. You wouldn’t have a server with all your inventory. You would be starting over from scratch.

A Single Company Location

Does your company work out of a single physical location? If so, DRP must become a priority. If a disaster were to hit your single location, your ability to fulfill client orders or to market your products will be gone. With a second location, you might see productivity go down, but you wouldn’t be completely out of the game.

According to IT support experts in Houston, DRP will help you come up with strategies on how to continue operating your business even if your physical location is gone.

No Off-Site Data Backups

If you were to lose all of your client data and sales leads, your future sales would dry up quickly. This loss can happen with a catastrophic IT incident, like a server room fire or malware attack.

Data backups are there to help you recover if a disaster occurs. However, if those backups are not stored off-site, you may find yourself wishing you had. A server room fire can destroy your backup data. A malware attack can lock down your backups. You need to plan how to avoid this scenario.

Your Company Is in a Hurricane Zone

Houston is a prime target for hurricanes and other tropical weather patterns. That means all businesses in this area could be wiped out any time between June and November. DRP planning is not optional if you want your business to survive the next hurricane strike. It is not a matter of if it will happen, but when.
If a disaster were to occur in any of these situations, the chances of your business surviving are near zero. Disaster recovery planning is not something you can put off until tomorrow. For assistance creating a DRP for your company, reach out to us at ICS. We are the experts in IT support in Houston companies know they can call on for all their technology needs.