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IT support HoustonIT support in Houston provides a number of advantages the financial services organizations which help them concentrate on core directives, as opposed to infrastructural juggling.

The right MSP can bring several developments to your financial services company including:

  • Expert Consultation
  • Hosting that is cloud-based and managed
  • Backup and Data Recovery (BDR) Solutions
  • Management of applications
  • 24/7 assistance

Expert Consultation

IT support in Houston regularly works with a diversity of clients ranging from start-up companies, massive corporations, and in some cases, they even work with individuals. MSPs regularly provide services for individuals but their concentration is more centered on organizations. With all this experience, you are more likely to find expertise in service delivery, advice, and implementation of varying operational strategies.

Consultants can help you refrain from making a mistake that could fundamentally undermine your entire company. They can even advise you concerning the best practices and the most profitable new technologies on the market. Beta testing exists because new software often has many bugs. Well, with the right MSP, you can know whether a software solution will be buggy before you buy. Sometimes you will be advised to wait; other times you will be advised that the issues limiting the software are not a great concern.

Managed Cloud-Based Hosting

Choosing the cloud route without management is a great way to waste time. Getting management involves doubles-down on the utility that cloud computing provides. From SaaS (Software as a Service) to DRaaS (Data Recovery as a Service) to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), there are quite a number of different areas of utility provided through the cloud that will streamline your business. You can cut down on the expenses related to on-site data center solutions, and overcome those costs entirely depending of course on the size and scope of your operation, as well as your budget.

Backup and Data Recovery (BDR) Solutions

This was discussed earlier, but it bears a repeating: BDR, or Backup and Data Recovery, can be an integral component of any financial services operation. When you are dealing with large accounts, a crashed system could unnerve clients and lead to your financial services company collapsing. You need to safeguard data not just for your own company’s sustainability, but also for that of your clients. MSPs providing BDR services often proactively monitor operations to identify and curtail negative trends before they facilitate a crash, and to help bring about swift restoration in the event where a disaster that cannot be avoided causes downtime. Additionally, with the right managed services, you can expect substantive downtime reduction.

Application Management

Applications can become overloaded with a large network, and they can pose security risks if not managed properly. Cybercrime is a big deal, costing up to $2 trillion by 2019. Financial institutions are the most targeted and so you need proper management.

24/7 Assistance

On-site support may not be available during off-hours. Even if it is, it will be more expensive. Managed services can provide continuously available help-desks and tech support for a fraction of the cost of hiring employees for the task.
IT support in Houston through ICS can secure your operations while conserving resources. Contact us to optimize your financial services business.