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IT support HoustonChoosing between a public or private cloud platform is a big decision for any business. Fortunately, IT support providers in Houston can help you understand the key differences between both services. As you know, many companies are considering switching to cloud services, and it is essential they see the advantages and disadvantages of a public or private cloud service. Here are just a few of the differences between the public and private cloud storage options:

Private Cloud Computing

One of the main drawbacks of a private cloud service is that it can be challenging to manage the information across vast geographic boundaries and remain in compliance. It can also be difficult for a company to establish standard operating procedures and the high level of automation required. However, a business can save a significant amount of money through a private cloud service if they are able to meet these stringent requirements. Of course, it is a good idea to transition to the cloud gradually and begin running low priority applications to ensure everything is working correctly before you transfer everything to a private cloud server. Creating a disaster recovery plan is also essential for a private cloud server, as your company is solely responsible for any data loss. It is also critical to continually test this recovery plan to make sure everything is working as intended.

Public Cloud Computing

Many organizations choose to use a public cloud service, as this can support significant amounts of data and offers scalability for a growing company. However, unlike a private cloud service, the public cloud is nearly always accessed through a provider that hosts the applications and hardware together. The public cloud is highly-efficient and an IT support company in Houston can streamline the process to guarantee everything is working at optimal speeds, while still receiving state-of-the-art protection. All data in a public cloud encrypted. The use of a public cloud service is much more popular than a private cloud, because an organization does not have to worry about managing all the details, as an IT provider can ensure everything is working correctly.

The future of cloud computing looks bright and will only continue to grow in popularity. Understanding the differences between public and private cloud services can help your company make the best decision for your organization. The use of IT support in Houston can help you take advantage of the cloud and enable your employees to access it from any location. ICS is a managed service provider that specializes in helping businesses reach their potential through technology. Our IT staff members are always available at any time to answer any of your questions regarding cloud computing or any other IT related service. Contact us today to learn more.