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IT support Houston, phone systems HoustonSome IT support companies in Houston offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It allows you to make and receive calls over the internet rather than through a traditional PSTN landline connection. VoIP is considered a more cost-efficient option because you can send video, voice and data communications over your internet network at a fraction of the cost. This service offers more features for businesses compared to landline services.


It is important that you check the features of anything you want to buy. Some VoIP providers will offer better and more features than others. You should analyze the features to determine that what is being offered is what your company needs. An IT support team in Houston can customize a package for you and include basic features like call waiting, call forwarding, call filter, conference call, and video call.


Many people consider cost first when choosing a VoIP service provider. They then go ahead and choose the cheapest one thinking they are getting a good bargain. With stiff competition in the market, the difference in price among VoIP service providers is minimal. You should consider your needs first, find a VoIP provider with a service plan that best suits your needs, then you can go ahead and compare the prices.

Hosted vs. On-Premise VoIP

Each of these systems offers distinct benefits. A hosted VoIP service has lower upfront costs and maintenance fee is usually bundled into the cost of service. It is easy to set up and doesn’t require businesses to employ in-house IT staff. On-premise VoIP, on the other hand, comes with higher initial costs and ongoing maintenance. However, it offers companies more flexibility and is a great option if your company is tech-based.

Service Quality

Reliable quality service is critical when choosing a VoIP provider. By signing up for the cheapest option, you fail to get quality service. The quality of VoIP service is mainly dependent on the quality of your broadband connection. You should always ensure that your broadband connection is up to standard.


The VoIP service provider should accommodate your future expansion. Having the necessary resources to service the increasing needs of your business.


VoIP services should always be secure and take active steps to protect your business. VoIP service providers should put in place multiple measures to protect their systems. Firewalls, anti-malware, email filtering as well as other measures can be used to protect business VoIP systems.

Customer Support

Something is bound to go wrong with your VoIP service. 24/7 phone support, live chat, and ticket support are things you should look for in your service plan. If your company operates 24 hours or during off business hours, you should look for a provider who offers timely customer support.

Your phone system is one of the most vital components of your business. Always remember to use a service plan that meets your needs and scales as you grow. We at ICS offer the best IT support in Houston. Give us a call today.