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IT support HoustonThe typical in-house IT department is overburdened to the point that personnel does not have the time necessary to innovate or even perform essential maintenance. This lack of maintenance will cause infrastructure problems in due time. However, this is not a hopeless situation. An IT support provider in Houston can improve your infrastructure and perform frequent network audits that your in-house IT staff does not have the time for or is incapable of performing. Outsource the work to the tech experts, and your team can focus on pressing matters or projects that suit their strengths.

Improve Infrastructure With a Network Audit

The optimal way to enhance infrastructure is to identify weak points. These flaws are uncovered with a network audit that examines the existing infrastructure. A network audit will do more than find trouble spots. It will also reveal opportunities to improve performance.

Anything from a security patch to a hardware upgrade or software update will prove quite helpful. However, many business owners and managers are unaware these solutions exist. Furthermore, many of these individuals tend to be intimidated by the technical nature of such improvements, so they are more willing to bypass them and let the status quo remain. Let an IT support provider in Houston handle your network audit, and you will enjoy some truly amazing results without having to worry about the technical aspects of such improvements.

Patch Those Security Problems Before It is too Late

A software has the potential to get on your nerves as it requires consistent updates. If your software is not regularly updated, vulnerabilities will wreak havoc on your system and possibly threaten your ability to make money. Applying patches to every single computer and server is quite the challenge. A network audit will determine which patches must be applied and how urgent those patches are. In fact, it is now possible to automate software updates so possible problems can be remedied before they cripple productivity.

A Network Audit Will Pinpoint Network Issues

The flow of data across the network is complex to the point that your team might not be aware of inefficiencies. Some solutions work better for certain organizations and networks than other. A network audit highlights the needs of your particular network. As an example, a jammed network will prevent efficient data flow. Imagine what it would be like to receive an entire day’s worth of email in one second. This is possible if there is a bottleneck in your network. A network audit is essential to uncover such issues.

Identify Hardware Problems

If your team has been using the same workstations and servers, your business will endure a hardware failure. The question is— when it will happen, not if it will happen. A network analysis will help you identify signs of trouble that indicate a looming failure.

When was the last time you performed a network audit? If it has been a while or if you have not performed one, we can help. At ICS, our IT support team in Houston provides managed IT hosting, network audits, cloud services, VoIP phone systems and more. Contact us now and let us discuss how we can help your business.