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IT support HoustonIf you decide to save money on hardware with a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy, your IT support company in Houston should use mobile device management (MDM) software for maximum control and security. This software tracks all the devices using your network and gives you centralized control over devices, such as wiping and locking them if they get lost.

Here are more reasons why you should combine BYOD with MDM software: 

Challenges That BYOD Presents

One of the biggest challenges that BYOD environments pose is the need to control data and applications outside the perimeter of the network. When people are allowed to carry company information on their mobile devices outside the workplace, it raises questions on how well the data should be protected. All it takes to breach the data is for the employee to respond to a phishing email. It is important to manage mobile devices on a central platform, where company policies are set. This, makes MDM crucial if you are to allow BYOD.

MDM Example

There are various MDM programs to choose from, such as Microsoft Intune, which allows employees to bring any mobile device. It gives you control of mobile devices and app management because workers enroll in Intune after signing into their email. They then authorize Intune to manage their device, as the device is automatically configured and IT policies are set. The worker will be able to access business applications and data after a safe connection with Azure Active Directory domain.

Why MDM Is Necessary with BYOD

When you implement a BOYD policy, you are opening the door to hackers preying on vulnerabilities. You will be making the work of managing devices harder unless you seek IT support in Houston and use an MDM platform. One of the biggest problems that will arise if you ignore an MDM solution is that your company data will be flowing on different systems that may not have strong security. Even at a tech firm, employees may not take security as seriously as they should.

An MDM system allows you to enforce policies that determine who has access to certain data and applications. It also allows you to monitor activity on each device from a central location. If you do not approve of the activity, you can communicate with the employee immediately to remind them of company policies. You can use MDM to customize your policies and block specific websites that might reduce productivity.

MDM allows you to partition data on a device so that personal and corporate data are not mixed up. There are multiple data management scenarios that can be resolved through an MDM. Whether the devices are owned by employees, employers or third parties, they can be managed in a way that reduces hardware costs without worrying about security issues. Apps and data can also be configured to only work in certain locations and only by certain people.
Find out if your provider of IT support in Houston is aware of MDM working with BYOD. If you feel you need a more experienced team that can make your mobile environment more secure, contact us at ICS to learn more. We are devoted to providing businesses with tools that help them become more productive and profitable.