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IT support HoustonRobocalls have become increasingly prevalent over the past several years. In fact, studies have shown that automated phone calls have increased by billions year over year recently. Not only are these calls very frustrating, but they are often scams that can drain your business money. It’s important to keep your company safe from robocalls. A good IT support team in Houston can keep you protected from these scams and from wasting your time. Here’s what you can do to avoid robocalls:

Screen Your Calls, Particularly on Personal Numbers

We now have software that can help us identify where a call is coming from, which can be very helpful for avoiding automated calls. If you don’t have this type of solution in place, an IT support provider in Houston can help provide it for you. By screening calls that are from unidentified numbers or numbers from far away locales that wouldn’t have a reason to call your business, you can prevent these robocalls from happening.

Don’t Talk to Robocalls, Hang Up As Soon As Possible

If you engage with an automated phone call, the caller has a chance to collect sensitive or identifying information about you or your business. The best way to avoid this happening is by disengaging from the call. Don’t talk to the caller at all or press any buttons. They can use this activity and information for fraudulent purposes later on.

Install Technology to Block Robocalls

An IT provider can help you prevent automated phone calls from coming in altogether. There are now some software programs that can be used to identify and block spam callers so they can’t get through to your business. Partner with an IT providers that can provide a technology solution that could work for your company. This is particularly important if you have a large phone network or if you collect sensitive information over the phone.

At ICS, we offer modern IT support services in Houston. We have expertise working with a variety of different companies in many industries, and we know how to prevent automated calls and scams. Sometimes, it just takes a small bit of technology to prevent a scammer from getting through. If you are interested in blocking scammers from your business, contact us to learn more about how we can help you.