•   Jason Simons
  •   Jul 22, 2020

How to Catapult Your Business Forward with ICS IT Support Houston

IT Support In HoustonIT is the backbone of just about any business in any industry. It’s used to stay in touch with current customers while reaching out to new ones. Companies use it to keep track of inventory and purchases, collect and analyze data, and draw up plans for new products and/or services. It’s used to store personal information and to stay in step with local, state, and federal industry regulations. That’s why every business should have the best IT support services on the market.

What About an In-house IT Department?

Should you outsource IT support Houston to a third-party service provider or hire an in-house IT expert? The truth is, it’s not an either/or question. Many corporations have found that hiring in-house IT technicians in addition to partnering with an IT managed service is the best solution for keeping the company’s network in tip-top shape. IT managed services can handle specialized tasks that in-house IT technicians may not have experience with, freeing the in-house IT department to handle day-to-day issues. Furthermore, an IT managed service can offer 24/7 support and monitoring that a single IT technician would not be able to provide.

On the other hand, many small companies have found it difficult if not impossible to find an IT technician to meet their needs at a cost they can afford. It’s not surprising considering the fact that the average annual salary for an IT technician in Texas is $63,3331 and this sum does not include the cost of benefits such as paid leave and medical insurance. IT managed services are an ideal option for growing firms that need top-tier IT assistance and support at a manageable price.

Introducing ICS IT Support Houston: 90 Day Free Trial

ICS is a top-tier IT managed service offering IT support in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Our team of certified, experienced IT experts continually stays up to speed on IT and technology developments and trends in order to offer your business the best support and services on the market. Our firm partners with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Cisco Meraki, OpenVoice, Mittel, and LifeSize to offer a wide range of personalized, scalable IT services and products at a very reasonable price.

While there are plenty of IT managed services in the local area, ICS stands out for several reasons:

  • All our IT support and IT services are free for the first ninety days. For nearly three months, you can try us out to see if we’re a good fit for your company. If you decide to part ways, there are no hard feelings. We’ll make sure you have full access to all your administrative passwords and software license information.
  • ICS offers an enormous range of tools and services to suit the needs of any local business. We provide 24/7 managed IT services to ensure your network is in good working order at all times. We offer cloud services to help you transition to the cloud and set up a cloud storage system that suits your exact needs and industry requirements. We can help you set up a VoIP service that will enable you to teleconference, make video calls, and easily stay in touch with your office as you travel. Additionally, we offer services that aren’t usually provided by local IT companies, including data cabling, digital signage, business video surveillance, and body temperature systems.
  • ICS uses the best cybersecurity tools on the market to keep your systems safe at all times. Texas is one of the top three states with the most data breaches in the United States. We take your network security seriously, using cutting-edge tools and techniques to proactively look for network vulnerabilities and eliminate them. We also help you set up your network so that your employees can use it easily yet securely, without inadvertently putting your information at risk of theft.
  • ICS offers specialized services for a number of industries, including the oil and gas industry, country clubs, law firms, medical organizations that need to abide by HIPAA regulations, and non-profit organizations. Our teams are not only experts in their field but also in these industries, offering customized assistance that enables companies to stay ahead of the competition, automate tasks to increase in-house efficiency, improve customer service offerings, and stay in step with industry requirements.

Would you like to rest assured that your invaluable company data is secure from hackers at all times? Are you tired of dealing with downtime and ready to upgrade your IT set-up that will help you reach your current and future goals? Would you like specialized IT help from a team of experts who can help you set up a cutting-edge communications system that allows you to stay in touch with clients, business partners, and suppliers no matter where you are or what else you are doing? If so, give ICS a call at your convenience.

Outsource Your IT Support In Houston To ICS: 90 Day Free Trial

We would be happy to help you start our ninety-day free trial so you can discover for yourself why companies throughout Houston, San Antonio, and Austin give us rave review ratings for our top-tier tools and services.