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The Question is “If” or “When”

IT support San Antonio, data recovery San AntonioNot having any IT support in San Antonio is much like not wearing your helmet when you bike or skate. You hope you will not need that necessary element to help you avoid injuries. Helmets make your head sweat. But, if you are skateboarding, biking, or inline skating, you increase your likelihood of receiving a head injury when you do not wear your helmet, and not wearing your helmet could kill you.

Envision your business as the skater, biker or athlete; and your helmet is a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) providing optimization via MSP utilizing cutting-edge solutions.

The Force-field

Perhaps this analogy does not go quite far enough because modern innovations like cloud computing are making services like DRaaS, or Disaster Recovery as a Service, more mainstream. These services make fallback and failover less complicated and painful. Likely, you will want to expand your BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) solutions to include several different protective measures. In today’s world, modern technology has made it so you can pursue those actions and you obtain greater benefits.

In the earlier analogy, imagine the person with the helmet now having a wristband with a button that activates a body-supporting force-field which provides total safety. This type of complete security is what DRaaS, provides through an MSP that facilitates cloud solutions for your business, a big stride when compared with earlier forms of data recovery.

On-site backup solutions are fine, but you must purchase the software then install, test, troubleshoot, maintain, and update the software at regular intervals. If you do not do these things, you will be recovering from a system which may be utilizing tape, and that can take days, depending on the amount of data your business has generated.

Like a helmet, an on-site backup solution protects you. However, cloud computing, DRaaS, and related BDR solutions are like a force-field in comparison— it goes so much further.


The breakdown in the analogy comes regarding expense. An on-site data recovery solution in San Antonio will require personnel to maintain the system. IT support in San Antonio proves a more cost-effective option. Modern solutions through the cloud can be less expensive than on-site solutions, once the change completes.


If you increase your quantities of data extensively, it will eventually cost you to retract it from the cloud.

If you have a Disaster Recovery (DR) site, you must have a host. The longer it is hosted separate from your main website, the closer you will come to having no choice but the acquisition of that site to transition into your new primary site. However, with an outsourced MSP, you can instead diminish failover time and reduce expenses.

Advantages an MSP Brings

When you categorize advantages, even a small company stands to gain significantly from utilizing MSP solutions in a BDR capacity. These benefits are as follows:

  • Reduced Downtime
  • More Comprehensive Protection
  • Expanded BCP Achievement: Reduce Recovery Time
  • Safeguarding Your Business


IT support in San Antonio through ICS can provide DRaaS, BDR, monitoring, support, and optimization for your business. You will conserve resources and expand sustainability. Contact us today and find out how we protect your systems, and your brand through today’s newest technologies.