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IT support San AntonioSmall to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are faced with increasing threats to business cyber security. Without a plan of action to combat these attacks, these businesses risk data breaches, loss of vital information, and loss of revenue. When you are an SMB, it’s challenging to have your own IT staff. Opting to receive IT support in San Antonio from a specialist allows you to get a range of expert services. Your managed services provider (MSP) can help you secure your network and handle potential cyber-attacks.

Routine Backups

One of the most important parts of a cyber-security plan is data backup. Your business needs regular backups scheduled, ideally to different mediums and both on and offsite. Should your system be hit by any sort of malware, having a recent backup helps you bounce back faster. Your MSP can help you take advantage of cloud storage as a backup option. This channel has multiple advantages for SMBs. Remote access, secure storage, and ease of restoring data are some of the reasons to consider using the cloud.

Maintenance and Proactive Monitoring

When you have an MSP handling your IT needs, you know that your systems and networks are maintained and monitored. These activities may include constant monitoring of your systems to make sure everything is in check, early detection and resolution of issues, and ensuring that all your programs, antivirus, and firewall are up to date. IT support in San Antonio can remotely manage and secure your wireless networks and smartphones so that your businesses’ data and operations are not compromised in any way. With more and more smartphones being connected to business networks, it is vital that they are protected on and offsite.

What Is Your Role as a Business?

As outlined above, an MSP is able to deliver a complete package of cyber-security solutions and services. What then is your role as a business in this area? Here are a few areas you can explore:

  • Partner with a great MSP and cooperate with their efforts. Make sure you understand the services that they provide and your role and theirs in combatting cyber-attacks.
  • Involve and educate your employees. Conduct training about responsible use of your computing systems and show them how they can help prevent breaches. Emphasize the need for strong passwords that are regularly changed.
  • Document your cyber-security policies and strategies. Outline the key roles and responsibilities and actions to take in the case of suspected cyber-attacks. Make it as easy as possible for employees to access this information.
  • Limit access to company computers and technology. All devices must be password-protected so that unauthorized people cannot get hold of company information. You can limit access by job description and ranking.


Maintaining business cyber-security requires a concerted effort, expertise, and planning. While you focus on running your business, ICS can manage and monitor your network. We provide a comprehensive range of services to give you superior IT support in San Antonio. Contact us to learn more.