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IT support San AntonioAs more companies adapt to the corporate world on the run, IT support in San Antonio is also changing. Not only is IT service necessary for desktops and servers, but on all the mobile devices that are currently in use. The number and type of devices being used by your company are continuing to grow, which makes mobile security more important than ever.

Hacking of Mobile Devices

While movies depict hacking as some evil criminal trying to brute force passwords to gain access to your device, it doesn’t usually work that way. While passwords are important, hacking has more than just one avenue to access your device. Many malicious attacks are performed through smarter means, and typically these attacks are installed by the user unknowingly. Other times, data is stolen during transit over the Internet.

The Risk with Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have unique risks when compared to servers and desktop computers. First, there are many different types and operating systems currently used for mobile devices. This diversity makes keeping all the operating systems and hardware up to date difficult. However, older versions of operating systems are one of the main ways criminals can access your device. IT support in San Antonio helps your company stay on top of all the different security updates.

The other main difference between mobile devices and typical computers is that mobile devices are going to connect to different networks regularly. With Wi-Fi and internet hotspots, you are rarely without a connection. These different networks pose a huge risk to your network integrity. Public networks give criminals a great access point to your data and your entire corporate network.

How to Stay Safe

As there are risks with using mobile devices, there are still benefits. The current access to information and communication from almost anywhere gives your company a competitive edge. Your business just needs to be sure to take the proper precautions to reduce the risk your corporate network faces.

  • Stay updated – Both your devices operating system and apps need to stay updated. The security issues that developers find are regularly patched, and older versions have a higher risk of being compromised.
  • Think before you install: – Apps are a great way to get the functionality you need from your device, but be careful when you are installing them. Read the accesses that the app needs and ensure it is developed by a trusted developer. Many companies have strict rules around mobile apps to help keep their network safe.
  • Be wary of public networks – Using public networks for sensitive data is dangerous. If you must deal with a public network, look into using a VPN to keep your private data safe.
  • Have solid passwords – If your device is stolen or lost, your password could be the only thing keeping people out of the corporate network.


Protecting your mobile devices is an important job. IT support in San Antonio can help you stay on top of it. ICS provides many IT services to keep your business network safe from malicious attacks. Contact us today to learn more.