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IT support San AntonioIf you have ever worried about whether the website you are visiting is safe, take a look at the URL. If it begins with HTTPS, as opposed to merely HTTP, and there is a padlock icon by the URL, it is encrypted. In general, encrypted websites are safe. However, as IT services experts in San Antonio inform, some hackers have advanced to the point that they use the same tool that safeguards web browsers against threats.

Hackers Now Use Encryption for Phishing

Phishing attackers need targets to cooperate in order to succeed. If the target does what is asked, the deception can be fully carried out. Hackers use encryption in phishing scams to make emails and texts appear that much more legitimate. Phishing attackers can send an email with a link to a website that is encrypted, yet this is not a guarantee the email is legitimate.

Is Encryption Synonymous with Safety?

Encrypting websites makes it easier for hackers to deploy encrypted phishing websites. However, some phishing websites do not use encryption. In general, encryption means enhanced safety, yet nothing is guaranteed.

How to Improve Safety

Though new phishing tactics continue to emerge as time progresses, this does not mean encryption should be held in low regard. Encryption does more good than harm. For the most part, sites with HTTPS URLs are safer than websites without encryption. Be careful when surfing the web over to sites that appear even the slightest bit shady. If a link looks suspicious, do not click it. As an example, if you receive a message from a website that asks you to verify financial details or confirm a password, do not comply.

In general, it is better to be overly-cautious when there is any sort of request for sensitive information. Take some time to review the details of the message. Review the sender’s email address, the wording of the request, etc. If you have even the slightest doubt about legitimacy, do not proceed. Keep in mind: phishing attacks can only succeed if you comply with the request. Furthermore, phishing scams continue to advance with each passing day. This is not the type of threat that can be thwarted once and for all with a certain type of software. However, using IT support in San Antonio can fortify your digital defenses and keep your business operating like a well-oiled machine.

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