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IT support San AntonioIT support experts in San Antonio can help you develop a bring your own device (BYOD) policy that best fits the needs of your organization as employees are increasingly bringing their devices to work. Although a BYOD policy seems rather simple, it is much more complicated when you consider the fact that your employees will work with various devices, and each one must remain in compliance with company policy. Fortunately, an IT provider can help you develop a comprehensive BYOD policy that is beneficial for the company and for each employee. Here are a few things that an IT provider will help you as you create a BYOD policy:

Understanding Regulations

You may have specific regulations that you must adhere at all times. For example, if you are in the medical industry, you may not be allowed to store a patient’s information on personal devices due to HIPAA regulations. An IT provider can help you determine which laws apply in your industry and the best way to remain in compliance while still having a BYOD policy for each employee.

Defining Ownership

Defining ownership of company information on employee’s personal devices is a critical step for any organization. Failure to establish ownership can lead to a whole host of problems as an employee can resign from the company and walk out with confidential information. Partnering with an IT support company in San Antonio can help you design a policy that will give you ownership of any information that is downloaded onto these devices. Once the employee leaves the company, they must give up access to this confidential information. Ultimately, this will protect your organization from losing valuable information that could be taken advantage of by other companies.

Creating Acceptable Use Policy

Employees must understand their restrictions at work. Being able to bring your own device to work offers many benefits, but it can also be abused if you do not have an acceptable use policy. An acceptable use policy should detail the things an employee can or cannot do and the consequences of violating this policy. If you are struggling with the details of this policy, an IT provider can give you general guidelines to follow, which provide employees freedom without jeopardizing the security of the company.

Creating a BYOD policy is essential for your business. An IT support company in San Antonio can help you develop a plan that fits the unique needs of your business. ICS is an IT support provider that has been helping organizations in reaching their full potential in technology for over three decades. We understand the importance of creating a BYOD policy that will protect your company while also giving employees the freedom to perform their job duties. Our staff is available at any time to answer any questions and guide you through the IT world. Contact us today and let us discuss the many benefits of having a BYOD policy in today’s work environment.