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IT support San AntonioSoftware-defined networking (SDN) is a virtualization solution for data centers that IT support companies in San Antonio should track. The advantages to virtualizing network hardware are enormous since SDN increases efficiency and security while cutting costs. Here are more reasons why a company that uses a wide area network (WAN) can benefit from SDN:

Age of Virtualization 

Your IT support provider in San Antonio should be aware of virtualization simply to keep up with modern technology. Many companies are moving toward virtualization as a way to save money on hardware, since it consolidates multiple servers onto one physical server. This system is useful for compartmentalizing divisions within a business.

Due to the increasing amounts of data being used by data centers, SDN is seen as an effective method to optimize analytics, traffic, storage, and data backup for WANs. An SD-WAN, for example, uses traffic metrics such as latency, then uses automation to respond to conditions. It can direct data packets toward optimal paths while administrators can easily add or remove bandwidth.

Better Performance, Flexibility, and Control

An important reason why SD-WAN technology is gaining favor with businesses is that it delivers high-performance connections at lower costs, compared with traditional solutions. It integrates well with cloud services which further increase business efficiency. The technology can be used to create a mesh network that connects multiple remote small offices together. It allows you to access applications more quickly, leading to better productivity.

As your company grows, you’ll easily be able to add new components to your system. You won’t have to worry about downtime during maintenance since you can easily switch to virtualized backup servers. SD-WAN is further useful as an environment for automation. It shifts traffic management from physical devices to centralized software without expensive routers.

A virtualized WAN allows you to choose from various transport protocols, such as Ethernet or Wi-Fi. SD-WAN gives you the power of intelligent path control that directs traffic based on what’s appropriate for the application. Traffic-forwarding policies are set at the centralized controller based on IP addresses, port numbers, application profiles and other factors. An SD-WAN is designed to automatically learn patterns that appear in network traffic.

Stronger Security

SD-WAN provides better security than traditional WAN for a lower cost. One of the keys is that SD-WAN integrates with cloud services that filter web content and block malware. It can also encrypt WAN traffic while it moves from one location to another. Ultimately, IT administrators who monitor the network will have complete visibility of network traffic and be alerted quickly to traffic that needs to be blocked.

The virtualization used in SD-WAN helps protect your organization by segmenting the network. If one part of the network is breached, it doesn’t affect other areas due to unique encryption for each segment. This solution will minimize damage if the system is hit with a cyberattack.

Your IT support provider in San Antonio should be aware of the benefits of using a SD-WAN network. It can make your business more secure and efficient and allows you to get the most out of your bandwidth. Contact us at ICS to learn more about how we can increase your network performance and business productivity.