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IT support San AntonioIt is often said that you get what you pay for. This statement is certainly true of antivirus software. The antivirus software you installed years ago will no longer prove effective at protecting your data and hardware. New cyber threats evolve with each passing day. Companies that skimp on their antivirus software often end up paying the price in the form of a data breach or another digital attack that has the potential to stifle productivity and send clients fleeing to competitors. Fortunately, an IT support provider in San Antonio can prevent that from happening to your businesses.

Why a Top-Notch Antivirus Software is Worth the Money

If your business is strapped for cash, it is imperative you find ways to cut costs that do not compromise your digital or physical security. If you are tempted to install a cheap antivirus software program in order to save money, don’t do it! This cost-cutting measure will likely backfire in a big way at some point in the future.

Do not assume your in-house IT workers will tell you the truth about antivirus software. If they are directed to find an affordable digital security solution, they will follow orders and possibly refrain from raising objections even if those objections have merit. In fact, some IT personnel are unaware of the differences between certain antivirus software. Lean on an IT support provider in San Antonio to help you select the optimal antivirus protection, and you won’t have to worry about whether your computers and networks can withstand ever-evolving digital threats.

Antivirus Protection by the Numbers 

Businesses across the globe are hacked on a daily basis. According to an IBM security study, half of the organizations surveyed reported paying more than $10,000 in ransomware ransoms. It is quite alarming to learn nearly one-quarter of the companies surveyed paid more than $40,000 in such ransoms. According to Forbes, cyber crimes will hit the $2 trillion mark before 2020. It is clear, you should not take chances with your company’s cyber security protections. If you do not pay for robust digital protection, you will ultimately pay in the form of a ransom, software replacements, hardware replacements, additional IT staff or in another way.

Consider a hypothetical situation in which your business saves a couple thousand dollars per financial quarter by using free antivirus software. This protection suffices for a couple months, and everything seems to be going well. Fast forward another month, and a virus makes its way into the company’s system, causing myriad problems.

The money saved by opting for a free or low-cost antivirus program will now be spent to diagnose the problem, apply the proper remedy and subsequently install antivirus software that proves effective. In the end, the business pays more to correct the problem than it would have cost for effective antivirus protection. This disastrous situation could have been easily avoided with top-notch antivirus software.

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