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IT support San AntonioIf you’re looking for a phone service for your small business, consider including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in your package for IT support in San Antonio. There are several great benefits of utilizing this phone service. It’s effective and efficient and can open up new doors to expand your business.

Differences Between VoIP and Regular Phone Services

While making a phone call using VoIP and regular phone systems in San Antonio is the same process for the user, there are fundamental differences in how they operate. This means you would still make and receive calls the same way. Traditionally, PTSNs and PBX phone systems have been the standard, but consumers and enterprises are moving away from those and embracing VoIP.

Cutting Down Costs

If there is a service that allows you to cut costs and still maintain the same functionality, it’s a winner. VoIP does just that because it is significantly cheaper to make local and long distance calls than your regular phone service. It is also easy to set up over the internet, so you don’t have to pay for physical infrastructure. All you need is a VoIP converter which uses one of your USB ports, and the business providing your IT support in San Antonio can manage the rest for you.

Portability and Flexibility

VoIP phone services are not confined to a particular location. This means that as long as you have a good internet connection, you can make business calls even when working remotely. This location-independence allows you to scale your business and reach out to a wider perimeter of clients. So, if you travel or work from home, or need to hire such remote customer service assistants, VoIP gives you that extra flexibility.

Additional Functions

Like other services over the internet, there is an opportunity for new innovative ideas that are easy to adapt and incorporate into your existing service. Some additional functions include video conferencing, IM and capabilities, and who knows what other new updates may be around the corner?

VoIP is a great idea for a growing business because it’s cost-effective and allows greater mobility. At ICS, we provide IT support in San Antonio including a range of products and services to help your business scale and become more effective. Our hosted VoIP service includes all the regular phone service functions, as well as desktop collaboration, project management, and other ways to boost your productivity. Contact us now to find out more.