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Your firm doesn’t rely on generic software to fulfill your needs, so why rely on generic software support to keep these programs running?

The only part of your IT setup that’s more important to you than the laptops, workstations, and mobile devices that allow you to get work done is the software that powers those devices. There are the basics, of course. Things like Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat that let you access, edit, and create documents relevant to each case. These are the commonly-used programs that any IT support person or provider can manage and troubleshoot for you if needed, but you need more than just generic software.

Programs like Timeslips, Practice Master, NetDocuments, and Summation are every bit as important to you and your team, and while using them is second nature for legal professionals, supporting them is new territory for many IT companies.

How Can I Know If My IT Provider Truly Gets My Software?

As part of your IT infrastructure, your IT company should be there to install, maintain, and otherwise support the programs that your firm’s productivity hinges on. And that support should include being able to count on your IT company to know how to correct any issues with your software. Particularly when you yourself aren’t quite sure what went wrong. After all, they’re the technology experts, not you.

The IT company looking after your firm’s technology should know more about the technical aspects of your practice than you do. This means knowing which programs integrate well with each other, what the most common issues and user issues are with popular legal software, whether or not the use of certain programs can create compliance risks, and which programs are the best fit for your unique firm.

But that’s just part of the equation.

What Kind Of Software Support Should I Be Able To Expect?

As much as an IT company with knowledge and experience with legal-specific software is a major asset to your firm, there is more to effective support than just know-how. Knowing how to handle your software is only helpful to you if you can get in touch with your IT company when you need help.

Law is rarely a nine-to-five job. You, your attorneys, your paralegals, and even your administrative staff tend to work outside of standard business hours on a regular basis. You also tend to spend a lot of time working outside of the office. The potential for issues to arise anywhere at any time is much higher for legal professionals than many other professions, and your IT company should be prepared to address that. Responsive and reliable Help Desk services are a must – even when all you need is a quick reminder of how to fix a small hiccup with your software.

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