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The recent explosion in communications technology has transformed the international business playing field in ways that were inconceivable only a generation ago. More than ever, distance has become a non-issue when coordinating disparate and far flung components of a company’s operations. Teleconferencing is therefore an integral part of effective internal operations and cooperation with other firms for any enterprise. It saves both time and money on travel costs, miscommunication, and meeting the bottom line effectively.

At the forefront of video and teleconferencing technology and innovation is LifeSize, an Austin, Texas based corporation that specializes in hardware and software for the remote meeting needs of todays global business environment. Since 2003, LifeSize has become a respected leader and trend setter in the field of business communications. Their commitment to providing the most competitive, innovative solutions to the specific problems of their clients make them a perfect partner for Innovative Communication Systems in our mission statement to be the best in our field of expertise. We specialize in all aspects of business communication, from VoIP services, to fiber optic cable infrastructure and configuration.

Innovative Communication Systems prides itself on using the best of the best when satisfying the needs of its many clients and customers. Using cutting edge LifeSize equipment and know how, From both audio and web based conferencing services and infrastructure to support for installation and maintenance of your systems, we make secure, reliable communications a breeze when it counts most. If you company is in need of unified messaging, fax messaging, or any other aspect of modern business communications, we’ve got you covered. We take care of the little details so you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your communications infrastructure.

Whether you’re a small startup or an established multinational corporation, ICS and LifeSize can accommodate your unique needs and provide you will top notch services and support to facilitate entrepreneurial success and excellence, expanding your base and allowing for growth and increased revenue through reduced cost and streamlined efficiency. For a faster, more powerful comprehensive integrated web and teleconferencing system, consider LifeSize and Integrated Communication Systems.

For information on video conferencing solutions or for information on pricing, please call the sales staff of ICS at 1-281-819-5829.