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Newer Isn’t Always Better

managed IT services San AntonioManaged IT services providers in San Antonio help you retain efficient, cost-effective, and profitable operations in a competitive way through maximization of technological utility–and that doesn’t always mean remaining on the “cutting edge”. Certainly, this will be the case in many situations, but it’s not going to characterize all of them. If the new turnkey fast food franchise store you manage has an on-site server array, as well as the latest cloud innovation, will you truly be able to provide a better food product?

Meanwhile, if you’re using antiquated registers from the mid-nineties in your department store, will you be able to provide clientele the kind of security necessary for their trust in your business, or will you be giving them up to nickel-and-dime financial hacks which steal from them? Especially during holidays, scammers use antiquated technology in department stores as a means of “skimming” resources from spenders.

If you’ve got older tech, you could be impacting your overall bottom line as those skimmed realize how and where the skimming happened. So, as you can see, there’s a balance between these extremes. Managed IT services providers in San Antonio commonly recommend several questions that can help you determine if upgrading to new technology is right for your business:

  • Will new technology act as a problem-solving agent?
  • Will it facilitate more efficient operations?
  • Scalability: will the new tech grow as you do?
  • Is the upgrade financially feasible–will it pay for itself over time?
  • Is this new tech coming from a reputable source?
  • Is the “buzz” good?
  • Will implementation undermine existing operations?
  • Last but not least: do you Like it?

A Closer Look at Qualifying Questions

New technology should solve issues, not create them. It should make your business more efficient with time, and it should grow as you do. Over time, the right tech will also pay for itself and you will be able to acquire it from a source that you can rely on. An indicator that such an upgrade is worth your while may be positive buzz in the community your business is a part of–though this could be a red herring, and is one reason you need multiple qualifiers to make an accurate determination. Finally, new tech should neither undermine your existing operations or be distasteful to you even if it has exceptional positives in all other categories.

Determining If You Should Transition

Managed IT services in San Antonio from ICS can help you both determine qualifying questions pertaining to new tech and answer them. Contact us now for assistance in determining if new technology is right for your business.