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managed services San AntonioWith the help of managed services providers in San Antonio, businesses that store critical information online rely on cybersecurity best practices to thwart the risk of cyber attacks. For example, websites without SSL certificates and network resources without VPN connectivity for remote access are vulnerable to hacking attempts. Your business is at risk of a cyber attack if you don’t have sufficient security measures in place, and it could lead to a loss of productivity time and revenue.

Here are the top best practices to mitigate cyber attacks:

Employee Training

While your IT team is tasked with the responsibility of securing your IT systems, creating a culture of security within your organization is necessary for preventing cyber attacks. Successful cyberattacks are executed at the user level, in which your staff is tricked by malicious email. If an employee clicks on a malicious email, your entire networks are exposed to cybercriminals. Your cybersecurity defense is only as effective as the security awareness of your employees.

Identify Cybersecurity Threats

Managed services providers in San Antonio recommend network assessment to identify cybersecurity threats your business faces. If your IT staff and employees are not trained on the cybersecurity threats your business face, they are likely to make errors, which will enable cyber hackers to attack your networks. Conducting an assessment of the cybersecurity risks you face helps you set up a holistic approach to cyber attacks and stop them from occurring.

Create Strong Passwords and Update Them Regularly

Easy-to-guess passwords are an easy target for hackers, and they can be exploited to gain access to your corporate networks. You should enforce a password policy and follow it strictly. Setting up strong passwords for your employees and updating them with a password management software on a weekly basis will make it hard for hackers to penetrate your networks. Passwords generated by password management software are unique and sophisticated. They are a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Use VPN Software for Online Access

When your staff accesses your internal networks over the internet, they should use virtual private network (VPN) software to keep hackers at bay. Accessing corporate networks without a VPN opens an exploit for hackers. Using a VPN blocks hackers from snooping on log-in activities on your network and encrypts all data to secure it in transit. Investing in a reliable VPN is an efficient way to protect data over the internet.

You should partner with a managed services provider in San Antonio to benchmark your cybersecurity strategy. At ICS, we offer reliable managed services that can secure your IT networks. Contact us now to learn more about our managed services!