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Optimization by Degrees

managed IT services San AntonioManaged IT services providers in San Antonio can help you make big changes to your business that cumulatively optimize operations for greatest streamlined egress. However, big changes aren’t the only thing you need to consider in terms of tech. As it turns out, some of the smallest augmentations help you save substantially. As a hypothetical example, imagine clock-in times. Say you’ve got 20 employees who each milk the clock five minutes a day. That’s 100 minutes a day, 500 minutes during a 5-day work week, and 2,000 a month on average. By the end of the year, you’re out 400 hours. At only $20 per hour, that’s $8k. Instituting a strict clock-in/clock-out policy in such situations could save you quite a bit.

Well, there are many similar little inefficiencies that equally add up to technology and can save you even more. For example, how reliable a mobile internet connection is.

The following are several tips to help you fully exploit your hotspots:

  • Strategic router placement
  • Reduce Wi-Fi range to expand battery life
  • Use 4G/LTE wherever possible
  • Properly manage background apps and ration multimedia

Strategic Router Placement

Managed IT services providers in San Antonio can help you put routers in locations where signal isn’t hard to broadcast or receive. If you stick a router in an insulated room, don’t be surprised if coverage is always interrupted, causing delays. Think about it: if your router is causing ten minutes’ unproductive time among your 20 employees daily, you’re conceivably losing an amount of time comparable to $16k annually. So strategically place your router, working with an MSP to find the best spots, or consulting professional techs so you can learn how to scout spots yourself.

Reduce Wi-Fi Range to Expand Battery Life

Dialing in Wi-Fi range conserves battery life on devices being used as hotspots, allowing you to use more dependable internet for a longer period of time.

Use 4G/LTE Wherever Possible

With mobile devices, on the top of the screen, you can usually tell whether a network is LTE or not. Learn how to determine this and find LTE networks to work in as it’s possible to in a mobile setting.

Properly Manage Background Apps and Ration Multimedia

Learn how to determine if you have background apps operating; disable them for greatest internet connectivity. Also, don’t use too much multimedia; this ties up bandwidth.

Profiting from The Details

Our managed IT services team in San Antonio at ICS can help you identify areas of operation which can be optimized, saving your business money. Contact us to determine what kind of augmentations you can make for greatest operational optimization.