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managed IT services San AntonioTechnology and managed IT services in San Antonio are a very crucial part of the daily operations of any business. However, most people end up ignoring it in spite of the many risks that may come up as a result. Take for instance the increase in ransomware threats, data breaches, and other social engineering attacks.

Most business owners and executives opt to be the ones overseeing the IT operations instead of focusing on growing the company. Certain issues need to be delegated to an IT provider. That way, you will no longer have IT worries to stress about and give you so much strain. Even then, there are certain factors to put in mind to ensure that you are getting full support. To determine that, ask yourself the following questions:

Are You Getting Around-The-Clock Monitoring?

IT issues are bound to arise at any time. However, if you have a 24/7 support team, this is not going to be an issue for you because your support team will always be keeping watch over your servers, devices, network, and more. You will get proactive support because problems will be detected before they arise and preventive measures will be taken.

How Efficient Are Your Security Measures?

The online environment today is filled with much vulnerability such as hacks, viruses, and data breaches. Depending on a basic firewall may not be the ultimate question. To eliminate security worries, you need to institute anti-malware, IP traffic analysis, anti-virus, and other layered security solutions to protect your network.

Is There a Help Desk That You Can Always Reach Out To?

Regardless of the number of employees at your organization, it is essential to have help desk support. In case of any IT issue, you can always reach out to them and have your problems solved. This is the basis of managed IT services in San Antonio.

Are Your IT Solutions Meeting Your Business’s Current Needs?

It is advisable to have your IT solutions tailored to fix the current issues your business faces. Such could include anti-ransomware and anti-spam protection, mobile technologies, and storage and accessibility.

Are Your Employees Conversant with Security Measures?

Even after taking all the measures to protect your devices, computers, and networks, note that a security issue may arise because of human error. Let your employees undergo security training and beware of the acceptable use policies.

At ICS, let our managed IT services team in San Antonio worry about your IT needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Contact us today for the ultimate IT support for your firm.