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The Breakdown

IT support HoustonIT support in Houston can help you make the switch from PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to IP Telephony. This can save you tens of thousands annually. Additionally, most MSP solutions offer additional tech packages which can, likewise, reduce overall costs. Some of the most efficient are:

  • Managed LAN service
  • Managed firewall service
  • Dedicated Internet access and router service, managed
  • Managed IP telephony
  • IP VPN service, managed

Conjoined Services 

A managed firewall is necessary because today’s digital realm is rife with innovation. Older solutions no longer have what it takes to keep cyber criminals at bay. New solutions must be managed and continuously updated as advanced security fixes become available. Additionally, such firewalls have the ability to provide remote location security. When you’ve got a data network which is fundamental to your business, firewalls are further beneficial as they provide greater reliability and security for the voice protocols as well as the network itself.

Behind the firewall, your LAN service is ensuring applications are operating at their proper quality between router and desktop. Managed LAN service also extends quality of service further within the LAN. When managed, this is again done with greater optimization and reliability. When routers can also be integrated in such a way that they are operating conjoined to the network service provider in control of their settings, the service quality is even greater. This is what happens when dedicated Internet access becomes combined with router service that is managed.

Cutting out traditional voice needs and substituting IP telephony that is managed also represents an excellent step toward cost-consolidation, and has proven to be an effective saver for many medium-sized businesses. Managed IP telephony ensures all elements of telephony are properly managed within a given business’ network.

With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that’s managed through a service provider, a business’ new IP telephony network becomes fully enabled. Such a network has the ability to prioritize appropriate traffic through what are called QoS (Quality of Service) and CoS (Class of Service) techniques. IT support in Houston can provide these solutions for your business, enabling you to save substantially.


 With these services combined, it has been reported by Cisco that many clients experienced exceptional savings. In one case, service fees dropped by 49%, hardware expenses dropped 20%, transport took a 10% dive, and overall IT costs were down 21%. All these cost reductions were recurrent. This means continual savings.

Here’s what that looks like: if you had service fees that were $10,000 a month— $120k annually— you’d save about $60k. If hardware was $5k a month, you’d save an additional $12k. Should transport costs be, say $10k a month, there’s another $12,000. Say $5k for IT costs and— voila! — another $12k. Assuming monthly expenses at this level seems par for the course with many mid-sized businesses, though it’s likely your own will skew one way or the other. Regardless: at these rates, you will have saved $96,000 annually in expenses.

Optimizing Your Data Network 

IT support in Houston through ICS Communications provides PBX to IP Telephony transition services, Managed LAN, Firewall, IP, and IP VPN services, as well as managed router service and dedicated Internet access. Contact us to employ such solutions and save tens of thousands annually.