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managed services San AntonioManaged services providers (MSPs) in San Antonio help reduce operational cost, expand security, and facilitate greater forward stability. You don’t have to spend as much time searching through files when you can just enter a query into a computer. This saves time, ink, and paper–small costs that add up over time for any legal institution.

Security expands through the management of your data through a known tech provider. Cloud computing has especially tight security, and for ultimate privacy, you can go with a private cloud option. This allows you to cut the cost of on-site servers while still experiencing the same kind of utility. The difference is, you get greater bang for your buck. For the same level of security internally, you’d need to hire personnel–that’s almost always going to be more expensive than outsourced cloud-based options. Even a low-level employee will be $100k+ annually at minimum. Likely, you’re looking at closer to $110k to $150k a year.

If you’re paying $110k to $150k for services you could acquire at a set monthly fee from a provider who’ll do a better job because they’ve got multiple clients and greater access to resources, you’re eroding forward stability. Managed services providers in San Antonio can give you more for less, freeing up resources which facilitate greater stability in the long-run when properly managed.


Working with MSPs has distinct advantages like those listed below worth considering for your legal institution. You’ll be able to avoid:

  • Brand damage
  • Revenue loss
  • Poor communication
  • Data loss
  • Associated collateral costs


Your brand’s damaged when information can’t be found swiftly or with requisite accuracy. You lose revenue if you must avoid certain cases because expenses involving associated data are too high, or you can’t win a case because you’re unable to find critical data. Communication lags when it’s harder to find data and get it sent to the people who need it–computerized databases simplify things.

Next, as an attorney, what is your time worth? It’s probably going to be between $150 and $500 an hour. If you’ve got 10 in your firm that spend 10 minutes apiece navigating old-school filing five days a week–10 minutes that can be overcome through an outsourced data solution–you’re looking at 500 minutes a week wasted. That comes out to 24,000 minutes a year or between $60k and $200k annually in wasted potential.

Upgrading Tech

A managed services provider in San Antonio can help legal firms conserve time and resources, optimizing efficiency and reducing expenses through modern data management solutions like the cloud, which is actually more secure than most on-site solutions are. Contact us at ICS for more information.