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managed Services San AntonioManaged services providers (MSPs) in San Antonio can help you avoid getting taken in by tech support scams designed to exploit your resources. Of course, a prime way to ensure you’re never taken in is to start your operation with reliable technology solutions from the very beginning. However, this may not always be realistically feasible in accordance with your budget, so you may delay. If you’ve got tech support and you know you’re secure, then you’ll immediately realize when some scam is trying to undermine you. If you don’t have the support already, it can be a little difficult to tell whether or not something is as legitimate as those “selling” it would have you believe. First, there are two primary ways you’re likely to encounter tech support scams. These are:

  • Outbound Communication Initiation
  • Accidentally Reaching Out to Them from Your End

Outbound Communication Initiation

What essentially happens here is that a scammer reaches out to you via a cold call pretending to have noticed some sort of virus or malware on your system. They manage to smooth-talk their way into examining your system. After that, they point out common errors rooted in user ignorance rather than hacking. However, the scammer knows you may not be so informed and will try to take you in. They may “fix” a problem that they “created” either deliberately through some dummy software or through implication. You could get charged for this. You may have a virus uploaded to your system that requires payment to eradicate even if you don’t agree to their contract services, which leads us to contract services. Scammers are likely going to try leading you into buying them.

Similar to a cold-call communication initiation are pop-ups that loudly inform you that there are viruses on your computer that need to be fixed immediately. Note the immediacy of the language and the blinking text. However, be careful about more professionalized scammers who are savvy enough to play it cool. You might be invited to download something or get your computer scanned “for free.” Don’t be fooled.

Accidentally Reaching Out to Them from Your End

Managed services providers in San Antonio can help keep you from reaching out to underhanded scammers through consultation and education, as well as legitimate service provision. The savviest of scammers will wait for you to come to them, then they’ll do all they can to facilitate the process. These scammers try to trick even the search engines into thinking they’re legitimate. They do this by paying for advertisements. They may present themselves under a name that’s near something legitimate just to deepen the deception. Thankfully, the web address of a scam site pretending to be legitimate is usually going to differ from the real site. So, double check that before you get led down a blind alley.

Securing Your Business against Scam Artists

Managed services in San Antonio through ICS can help you secure your business in a trustworthy way that can help you avoid being taken in by scam artists. We offer security services in terms of antivirus/anti-malware software along with proactive security solutions and recovery options. Contact us to acquire solutions for a variety of professional and private technology needs.