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managed services San AntonioMost businesses operate in hyper-competitive markets. For you to thrive in such a market environment, it is critical that you come up with strategies that will give you an edge in the markets. One such strategy is to embrace IT solutions that are not only aimed to act as enablers for your firm but also cost-cutting options. When it comes to deciding on IT options, you can choose an in-house option or completely outsource your IT functions. One of the key benefits of outsourcing IT is that your managed service provider (MSP) in San Antonio gets to handle all your IT needs, leaving you to focus on your core business. One of the services offered by MSPs is virtualization.

What are the Benefits of Virtualization

  • More uptime, little to no downtime

Since managed services providers in San Antonio offer virtualized systems that are powered by interconnected servers, you can benefit from more uptime, increased speeds, and in any case there is need to upgrade your virtual computer, this can be done without disrupting your operations.

  • Better data backup option and disaster recovery solution

Virtualized systems offer the best options in terms of data backup and disaster recovery. Your MSP can configure your system such that data is backed up periodically and images of your system are created and stored. In the event that your IT system crashes or gets corrupted, your MSP can easily restore it using the image file. This is much easier in a virtualized system that in a traditional IT system.

  • Enhanced security

Bearing in mind the harm that malware can do to your network and system, MSPs often create quarantined spaces which separate software from applications. All the apps and software are only allowed to use the exact system resources they need to operate, thereby preventing them from coming into contact with the other resources. This is important because, in the event that an app or software is corrupted, it won’t spread to the whole system.

As seen above, there are many benefits that virtualization can confer to your organization. Convinced that shifting to a fully virtualized IT system is the best option for you? If yes, contact us at ICS. We are the leading managed services provider in San Antonio ready to help you with the shift.