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managed services San AntonioShifting your business’s data to the cloud is actually more secure than keeping it onsite. This is precisely why the cloud is becoming a cornerstone of cyber security for more and more businesses. Cloud service providers have stepped up to the plate with secure servers stored in data warehouses and complex network probes. Here is a look at how the cloud can benefit your business and how managed services in San Antonio can help every step of the way:

Onsite Does not Always Mean More Secure

People used to think the onsite implementation of digital security meant a lot. This is not always true. All it takes is a single failure to update software or a single phishing email to cause a data breach. Consider all of the recent data breaches that have made the news. The bottom line is those on-site solutions cannot always combat the latest cybersecurity threats. More is necessary.

Gauging True Safety

A reliable managed services provider in San Antonio understand data that is onsite in corporate systems is often less secure than information and applications in the cloud. Stepping it on up to a more advanced cloud system presents a more dynamic stance in regard to risk. The security is not just centered on keeping others out, but on watching those who come in. Each piece of data provides some helpful insight, even information from attacks that failed to breach the system.

Cloud Computing Should be Central to a Cyber Security Strategy

A business with data of any decent size requires big security provided in cloud models. This allows for information to be stored in secure data warehouses that have limited access. The data is kept perfectly safe. There are even software and hardware controls available to monitor the network around the clock. The benefits of the cloud really are nearly endless. The cloud lowers costs, heightens accessibility, enhances scalability and flexibility, and even ramps up security.

Dynamic Threat Detection

Cloud providers make use of complex monitoring solutions to monitor data and protect against multiple threats. Some providers rely upon machine learning algorithms to pinpoint and combat those pesky digital threats as they pop up. Everything from e-commerce to customer service, marketing, and corporate activities will be monitored and analyzed for improvement.

There will be no longer any need to rely on an on-site server that cannot stay up to date with the latest viruses and attacks. The cloud picks up on all the latest threats, implements patches and keeps your team secure. All of this work is done for you in an automated manner so you do not have to rely on a person to have to remember to do it. It does not get any more efficient than that.

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