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managed services San AntonioMore and more businesses are moving some of their IT systems to the cloud. It’s more than just an off-site storage, but now also a way to facilitate remote work, collaboration, and access of software as a service (SaaS), among other benefits. With managed services in San Antonio, your business can make this leap, too, and help your team be more productive and effective in what they do. As with anything new, there are some important considerations you must make to avoid setting back your business. Here are two important questions to ask:

What Measures Are Put in Place to Ensure Data Security?

Data security is now a major issue for businesses because it can put your clients and employees at risk. Many companies have faced this challenge and had to foot out huge bills to cover the cost of a breach. When moving to the cloud, it’s important to ask your provider what their role and yours is in ensuring data security. Your team and in-house IT staff must all be on the same page.

Some of the ways to ensure cyber security include proactive monitoring, firewalls, encryption, tokenization, multifactor authentication, access control, password management, and user education. You need to be sure who is responsible for what and what is part of your managed services in San Antonio.

What Measures Are Put in Place to Ensure Compliance?

There are many security and compliance regulations in place that businesses operating in certain industries must adhere to. Make sure that your IT provider is familiar with this and is doing everything to ensure your cloud adoption is compliant.

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