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managed services San AntonioNowadays, information drives just about every business. The proper use of IT empowers a business to analyze information in bulk and make truly informed decisions. If you are starting a business, a large part of your focus should be on IT. Here’s a quick look at the IT basics as provided by our managed services team in San Antonio:


Every system requires software. Do not assume Microsoft Windows is the optimal operating system for your business. You might be best served with an office suite or another program. There is also the matter of email software and the unique software specific to your niche and industry.


Every employee needs hardware. From personal computers to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, employees need to be connected with reliable devices. Accessories such as keyboards, mice, printers and monitors are also necessary.

Connect to the Network

Networks sync up computers to devices, allowing for the easy sharing of data. The number of employees dictates whether a simple or complex network is required. Wireless networks are quite popular, yet they are not completely reliable. Furthermore, you will need an internet connection for online access. Opt for broadband high speed to ensure your team can transmit and download information with ease. Our managed services team in San Antonio can help you set up, maintain and troubleshoot your internet connection.

Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services have gradually started to replace conventional software. The cloud is preferable as it provides more flexibility, allowing access from any web-connected device. Furthermore, storing data on the cloud has become quite reliable and secure as the technology has improved.


The data stored on your IT system must be secure. Add firewalls to safeguard your system against attacks. Have users change their login information at regular intervals. It will also help to have a data backup system.

IT companies in San Antonio, like us at ICS, are available to help with nearly all your tech problems. If you need any sort of assistance with networks, software, hardware, or other tech, contact our managed services team in San Antonio today.