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managed services San AntonioManaged services providers in San Antonio deal with programs like malware which emanate from the dark web. If you are unfamiliar, think of the internet like an iceberg. What we see online when we search Google or use Facebook is that 4% of the iceberg which is atop the ocean’s salty surface. The other 96% underwater is comprised of the deep web and the dark web. These latter two quotients of the web are often used interchangeably, but this is erroneous. The deep web doesn’t require specialized internet browsers, it’s just not listed on search engines and the like. The dark web requires specialized browsers to interact with. Also, the dark web is primarily a marketplace–it’s a digital black market. It’s basically the bottom of a bad apple barrel. Meanwhile, the deep web isn’t always “bad” per se. For example, you’re going to find things like:

  • Internal websites
  • Educational Intranet
  • Databases
  • Pages with paywalls and member-only websites


When you consider the number of companies and schools out there, it becomes obvious why so much of the deep web isn’t search-engine integrated. Varying databases are justifiably hidden, as are paywall sites. Here’s the thing: while a lot of the deep web is benign, some of it is not. Consider an automatic monitoring protocol facilitating a database hidden behind a member-only paywall. Such monitoring could be used by hackers to determine vulnerabilities and help them design malware. As a matter of fact, this is very likely being done.

Offsetting Cybercrime

The dark web facilitates the majority of illegal digital activity designed to exploit conventional users. However, a managed services provider in San Antonio can help you to operate in such a way that you don’t unnecessarily compromise yourself and such that you’re able to defend your operation should you be targeted.

Cybercrime is a multi-trillion dollar a year industry, and it is in large part facilitated through the dark web. An anonymous bitcoin transaction can be used to design a hacking program which can, in turn, be used to hack a large corporation through a DDoS attack, to spy on sensitive data or to ransom a business big or small. You need education at regular intervals through the right tech people to offset this, as well as the latest available security protocols.

Forward Protection

A managed services provider in San Antonio like ICS can help you understand both the deep web and the dark web, as well as help you to avoid being undermined by cybercriminals who make this area of the internet their home. Contact us now for security solutions protecting against existing and developing threats.