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managed services San AntonioKeeping your corporate data safe should be your number one priority, especially with the numerous reports of businesses whose corporate networks got hacked. The surest way of keeping your network safe and devoid of such attacks is by partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) in San Antonio from one of the leading IT companies in San Antonio.

Tips on How to Ensure the Safety of Your Corporate Network

  • Have a robust password management system – You should make it a habit of developing strong passwords and changing them periodically. Also, make sure that the passwords are only given to authorized personnel only.
  • Implement biometric identification and two-factor authentication – In addition to having a strong password, your managed services provider in San Antonio should set up biometric information and two-factor authentication for all your devices. This will provide an extra layer of security in the event that your devices get stolen or lost.
  • Patch and update your software regularly – Oftentimes, devices are hacked simply because they are running on software that is outdated. Software vendors periodically send out updates and patches to help fix bugs and seal any vulnerabilities in the previous versions of their software releases. If you fail to update, it means that the bugs and vulnerabilities will persist, and these can be used by hackers to access your network and cause serious harm to your IT system.
  • Train your employees on internet security – It is important for you to train your employees and equip them with skills which they can use to identify threats. This will, in effect, help to prevent them from unknowingly contribute to security lapses and also help them in identifying and reporting any threats to the responsible office or department.

At ICS, we are a managed services provider in San Antonio committed to helping businesses stay safe on the internet. Contact us now for more information.