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managed services San AntonioBusinesses today rely on the internet and managed services providers (MSPs) in San Antonio to run operations successfully. However, as you use the internet, it is important to understand it. The internet is made up of billions of interconnected devices that share information around the globe. What most people do not know is that the internet comprises of three components: the dark web, surface web, and deep web.

Surface Web

The surface web is simply the normal web, which is visible and accessible to anyone using the internet. The search engines, such as Google, index all websites on the surface web. Dark web users usually refer to it as the clearnet, as it does not have any encryption. What most people do not know is that this part of the internet makes only 4% of what users use. The internet is bigger than that.

Deep Web

The deep web is a secret web that is not visible for the regular user. It comprises all online content that is not indexed by search engines. However, a user can access it if he or she has authorization or permissions such as URL, password, and username. Some of the online content found on the deep web includes online banking websites, email clients, military data, and any other content inaccessible to crawlers.

Dark Web

The dark web or darknet is the most dangerous part of the internet. You can only access it through specialized software browsers. The dark web uses an overlay of networks, which anonymize communications the origin and destination of traffic by the manipulation of different and unrelated IP addresses. The dark web harbors many criminal activities such as drug dealing and killing humans. Managed services providers in San Antonio warn users to be wary of it.

Facts About the Dark Web

  • It has roughly 205,000 web pages, half of which deal in illegal activities.
  • You need a special software to access it as you cannot get it over the surface web.
  • There you can find stolen data, hacked account info, malware, hackers and even killers for hire.
  • Darknet markets sell illegal products like firearms and drugs, all of which are paid for in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Businesses need to be cautious about the dark web as it keeps rising despite law enforcers’ efforts to scrap it off. A managed services provider in San Antonio can help you keep your business safe from activities taking place in the dark web. Contact us at ICS and let us help you to prioritize the safety of your business.