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IT services HoustonIT services providers in Houston can help you rebuff the costliness of two common tech industry features. On the one hand, it’s well-known that businesses like Apple release updates that cause older devices to run more slowly, as those updates are geared toward the latest tech release. This comes as a symptom of the second issue, Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law naturally stipulates computational doubling every 18 months. That’s just the pace of forward tech. To contend with these two things and keep your devices running as long as five years (depending on your business), consider these three maintenance tactics:


IT services providers in Houston often advise businesses to take a strategic approach when it comes to storage. There are usually a lot of files which are duplicated, or otherwise unnecessary. There should be a regular, recurrent regimen of storage rehabilitation. Internal tech teams should be able to quickly clear machines or servers of unnecessary data. The best way to do this will depend on your business. A primary backup is often ideal, as is a secondary backup. Cloud computing can be essential here.


Applications that are too old or new can impact systems operation. Additionally, they do need to be updated for security on a regular basis. App management can be complicated and time-consuming internally. It is more cost-effectively handled through an outsourced MSP solution.

Cache and Cookies

Cache and cookies will slow your web browser up and could additionally impact other operations collaterally. The frequency you clear cache and cookies will depend on your business; just ensure you do so. Again, working with an MSP here can help you find the right balance.

IT services in Houston through ICS can help you iron out effective periodic maintenance for your hardware, allowing you to retain its functionality longer. You can get three to five years out of your hardware if you’re careful to maintain it properly. Contact us to find out more about preserving your machines.