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managed services San AntonioNetworks and IP systems are being implemented faster than ever. Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes now understand the true value of IP. The real value of IP and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is not found in the low-cost transport, affordable phone calls, and straightforward network management. The true value is in the many different applications enabled by IP. VoIP enables all sorts of applications that were previously unavailable or require considerable customization and integration like a multimedia contact center, the integration of the web, and unified communications (UC). Here is a look at the merits of UC explained by managed services experts in San Antonio:

The Appeal of UC

If your group is not prepared to take the IP tech plunge, do not fret. It is possible to add a UC system on a legacy system, benefit from UC applications right away and still enjoy additional benefits when moving to the IP network. Communication systems that are IP and TDM-based support UC applications. The latest UC systems empower your organization to add a UC system now, use it with the conventional phone system and transition to VoIP when the time is right.

UC is not the same as unified messaging (UM). UC adds plenty more to UM. Anyone who owns or manages a small or medium-sized business should consider the benefits of UM. For one, UC allows businesses to accomplish more with less. It allows for the addition of technology that enhances functionality without busting your budget.

UC is easy to manage, especially for busy small business owners. Small operations typically have limited resources in terms of budgeting, technology, and staffing. UC really does let such a company operate as though it is a big business yet it does not carry exorbitant costs. With each passing day, UC receives more and more praise for boosting productivity, as well as functionality while simultaneously cutting costs.

Save Money With UC

Let managed services experts in San Antonio help you implement UC, and you will find you save plenty of money on operating expenses. This is by far one of the most alluring facets of UC. It saves money on the upfront system cost and long-term costs that spur a solid return on investment. Get some quotes from UC vendors, and you will find most provide cost savings. Such vendors provide quotes for the basic features, so be sure to compare quotes pertaining to the cost of the specific features your business requires.

UC Links Up Your Mobile Workforce

Workers are becoming more mobile with each passing day. If remote workers can’t access the same phone system features while working remotely, they will not be able to perform with efficiency. UC solutions empower your crew to remain constantly connected to clients and others, regardless of location or device. This approach also makes it easier to manage those who work offsite, with features like conferencing and monitoring.

At ICS, our managed services experts in San Antonio are ready to help you benefit from unified communications and the latest tech innovations. We provide everything— from IT services to general tech troubleshooting, network evaluations, voice/data cabling and many more. Contact us now for more details.