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Mitel Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Toshiba

Mitel VoIP PhonesOn May 11, 2017, Mitel signed a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU with Toshiba. This MoU will have certain assets and Toshiba support obligations transferred to Mitel. If you are an existing Toshiba customer, this is great news for you.

Although the details of the deal was not fully disclosed, according to Mitel’s press release it “ensures product and service continuity for Toshiba customers.”

ICS has been a Toshiba dealer since 1983 and a Mitel dealer since 2009. This puts ICS in a unique position to work with Toshiba customers and makes ICS the perfect partner for seamless transition to a Mitel product line. Whether customers want to go to the cloud or maintain a VoIP server on-site, ICS will help create and deploy the correct solutions for the customer.

Buyback and Total Care Programs

ICS has studying the market over the years and we have seen this in the past with companies like Nortel and we expect to see it again as the players continue to adapt to the market. To assist our customers with this adaptation, ICS has provided two distinct programs to protect our clients.

ICS’s buyback program will pay customers cash to purchase back their Toshiba system and migrate over to the Mitel product line. The total amount of the buyback is sometimes even more than the non-depreciated amount.

ICS also has our Total Care Program which protects customers from future issues similar to the Toshiba incident. For one simple monthly payment, ICS will install, train and service your product for the term of the agreement. If that product ever becomes obsolescent or you outgrow the product line, ICS will replace it with a new product at no penalty to the customer. Furthermore, customers can seamlessly move the system from a Cloud to a Premise based system or even a hybrid between the two.

Toshiba Support

So, whether you are ready to move to a new VoIP or Hosted platform now or in the future, ICS is ready to assist. With our nationwide network of support personnel and Toshiba help desk, ICS can continue to Toshiba support for your systems well into the future while we migrate you to the cloud or a Mitel VoIP solution.