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Mitel Support Across Texas

Selling a solution is only the first part of any client engagement. The true success comes in knowing that installation and training will put your clients on the path to success.  

Creating a secure and highly operational infrastructure is vital for any business, but there are plenty of components that can go wrong throughout the process. A full understanding of the needs of the business, dedication to understanding how the teams within your business relate to one another and its customers, as well as a solid grasp of technical concepts, are all requirements for success. This can be particularly difficult if you’re working with clients whose offices are not geographically close to your business, as you’ll be relying on other service providers to help fill in the gaps to get your clients started on a firm footing. Here are some of the ways that ICS Telecom works with remote MSPs to provide excellence in hands-on support for your clients.

Knowledge of Mitel Technology

Competing with enterprise operations has never been easier for small businesses, especially with access to enterprise-scale solutions such as Mitel communications, collaboration and contact center solutions. Businesses need the flexibility provided by cloud-based software and solutions, and Mitel telecommunications platforms offer an exceptional range of services without the heavy cost structure associated with traditional PBX systems. These sophisticated projects require IT solutions teams to have in-depth knowledge of the solutions to be successful, and the team at ICS has the training and experience needed to support implementations at nearly any scale.

Proactive Training and Staff Coaching

Bringing the solution to life is a great start, but businesses can be quickly in the weeds without access to proactive training and staff coaching. At ICS, we believe that active engagement with each client will help them achieve the full utility of any solution. We work closely with onsite teams to ensure they have access to the tools and training needed to move forward and quickly become comfortable with their new solutions. We also encourage new partners to create schedules of ongoing education so new team members can be exposed to the same proactive security and functional training as the initial group of users.

Exceptional Service at All Stages of the Project

Our direct clients know and prize the dedication to service that is visible throughout the lifecycle of our projects at ICS. Our dynamic partnerships and extensive experience in cybersecurity, Help Desk support, computer and server maintenance, security assessment and more have made us the prized partner for businesses throughout the San Antonio, Houston and Austin areas. We guarantee that our solutions will help your business operations run more smoothly while controlling expenses with access to best-in-class cloud computing software and infrastructure tools.

With today’s technology solutions, it’s vital to know that there are partners you can trust to help extend your business. At ICS, we not only work directly with businesses to provide the telecommunications, surveillance, video conferencing and networking services that they need, but we also partner with other IT services agencies throughout the country to provide installation and training for their clients. You can trust that we offer the professional level of service that will support your brand and allow your clients to excel. Contact us today at 833-568-9353 for more information or chat online with our friendly customer service team anytime.