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Mitel offers a wide selection of consoles and headsets that combine with their portfolio of IP or digital telephones to make the end-user successfully handle their call flow. Mitel has a full selection of PC based attendant consoles available. Combined with conferencing units, Mitel strives to make comprehensive communication solutions for any size company. Call ICS today to learn more about Mitel’s selection of consoles and peripherals. 1-281-819-5829

Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit

The Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit is a leading provider in IP conferencing through acoustic beam technology. Using a microphone array, this product eliminates all reflective noise in the conference area. The 5310 IP Conference Unit is compatible with the Mitel Communications Director, Mitel SX-200 IP Communications Platform and Mitel 5000 Communications Platform.


  • Full telephony functionality / single LAN connection
  • Plugs into 5324, 5330, 5340, and 5360 IP Phone for full conferencing and telephony functionality
  • Supported on the 5324, 5330, and 5340 IP Phones in SIP mode
  • Superior voice quality
  • Acoustic beam forming technology, noise reduction, and automatic gain technology to focus microphone beam on lead speaker and eliminate background noise and sidebar conversations
  • Full-duplex operation supports natural conversation
  • Direction indicators
  • Integrated LED direction indicators
  • Optional remote control

Mitel 5540 IP Console

The Mitel 5540 IP Console offers an easy to read, white back-lit console with fixed function keys as well as softkeys for up to nine lines. With eight call hold positions, the 5540 is an economical solution for all small to medium-sized offices, or can be used within larger organizations, such as hospitals or office complexes.


  • Highly visible, four-line, 80-character, backlit, tilt display shows date, time, call status information, calling line identification, and call waiting
  • 14 fixed function keys dedicated to basic and enhanced call-handling activities
  • 10 softkeys that control access to the attendant features through call state sensitive keys
  • Ergonomic design and compact footprint
  • Two integrated headset / handset jacks
  • Eight call hold positions and nine line appearances
  • Direct connection of 48-button Mitel IP Programmable Key Module, providing up to 96 additional keys which could be programmed as DSS / BLF appearances
  • Third-party cordless headset integrated functions include: Call Answer, Call Cancel, Audio Controls, and training mode support
  • Access to integrated Mitel hospitality features including room status, guest telephony privileges, and automatic wake-up calls
  • Dual-port IP console (10 / 100 MB switched Ethernet) – connect a computer and a console with a single Ethernet drop
  • Multiple powering options (802.3af compliant)
  • Power conservation design: reduces power consumption for overall energy savings

Mitel 5550 IP Console

The Mitel 5550 IP Console is an advance console system which is a PC based enterprise and utilizes screen based technology.


  • Transfer Assistant: displays the results of an automatic and dynamic search for each caller to allow for quick, efficient transfers
  • Quick Transfer / Answer: provides operators the ability to select how they want to transfer calls, using one of three methods: Normal, Auto-Transfer, Auto-Transfer / Answer (Auto-Transfer completes the transfer automatically when an operator selects a destination)
  • Calendar Look-Up: allows operators to quickly see when contacts are busy or available to help facilitate accurate transfers
  • Presence, E-mail, and Instant Messaging: integrates with Office Communications Server 2007 for advanced user computer status and collaboration capabilities
  • My Call History: provides an inclusive history of all calls handled by a particular console
  • All Console Call History: provides all operators with a complete call history of all calls that have been handled by the answer point, giving the operators the ability to track down difficult transfers
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF): allows operators to monitor up to 5,000 extensions or line appearance statuses on a single MCD, or across a cluster or network of MCD’s
  • Multiple BLF Lists, Customizable BLF Views, and Tile-Based BLF: provides at-a-glance phone status of contacts in a simple, neat and customizable view
  • Comprehensive Hospitality Feature Set: provides a suite of unique hospitality features to hotel operators and receptionist
  • Personal Customization: allows operators to present information the way they want
  • Attendant Reports with Mitel Call Accounting: allows managers to monitor the call traffic of the answer point, which is necessary in order to focus staffing requirements during peak call times
  • Incoming Calls Queue: provides visual indication of all incoming calls, allowing operators to prioritize calls and customize their greeting based on calling line information
  • Direct Station Select (DSS): enables operators to answer internal ringing extensions
  • Reminder Notes: provides operators with additional information to handle calls with a personal touch
  • On-Screen Scratch Pad: enables message taking, and alpha numeric support (text to number) for each individual operator
  • On-Screen Bulletin Board: provides a common area for operators to share notes, messages and details across the answer point, and each operator can edit and view the bulletin board
  • Recover Key: enables the ability to recover the last transfer with a single button
  • Call Answering Priority: allows operators to connect calls based on pre-programmed criteria
  • Call Waiting Threshold: allows incoming calls to be routed to other consoles, reducing wait times
  • Training: supports dual handset / headset jacks for monitoring or training new operators
  • Multiple Languages: supports English, French (Canadian / European), Spanish (North American / European), Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Swedish, and Simplified Chinese

Headsets for Mitel Phones

Mitel headsets are made by its Jabra brand and they have been an industry leader by producing quality headsets. Compatible with all Mitel’s line of IP and digital phones, expect the best in sound, clarity, comfort, durability and service.