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IT services HoustonThe increasing number of cyber threats has influenced IT services providers in Houston to take more proactive measures to help reduce the risks of attacks. By conducting a network security assessment, you will have a clear picture of the health of your enterprise infrastructure. You need to plan ahead for an evolving infrastructure due to constantly changing technology. 

Reasons for a Network Security Assessment

Every business needs to periodically conduct a network security assessment; either to meet government requirements or for the company’s own research. Here are key benefits from this process that contribute to improving cloud security:

  • Improve security solutions
  • Determine which network assets need the most protection
  • Gauge effects of SSL traffic on network security
  • Broaden company’s vision on security
  • Assess which technologies can be integrated with the existing infrastructure
  • Cut costs by consolidating functions


Another way that a network security assessment will help your business is that it will give you peace of mind that security requirements match your architecture. It may also help uncover new more efficient ways to meet compliance. Ultimately, this assessment will tell you everything relevant you need to know about your security environment.

Assessing Email and Web Services

An IT services provider in Houston knows how to secure your email and web services as part of network security assessment. Unsecured email and web services can cost millions of dollars in malware damages. In order to dodge malware, your employees have to play a role in learning how to be cautious of phishing attacks. Most malware attacks are associated with emails masquerading as familiar vendors, tricking users into downloading malicious code.

It’s reassuring to know that your email accounts have not been infiltrated with suspicious visitors who hide out for months collecting information. The safest type of email is a proprietary enterprise solution, but many small businesses avoid this costly expense by using popular free email accounts, such as Gmail. The only problem is that you may not have as much privacy since that type of email bounces around the world before a recipient reads it.

Take Control of Your Budget

The results of your network security assessment will help you shape future budgets. If you work with a break-fix provider, you’ll be able to plan your infrastructure evolution over several months. You can accelerate this development by partnering with an experienced MSP that charges flat monthly fees. This method eliminates the common problem of surprise high bills from break-fix firms.

The network security assessment will identify segments of your network that need more attention. A regular computer consultant who constantly learns more about your business and its goals will provide the most value in terms of technical expertise. A familiar partner is more likely to offer quicker assistance.

If you need to upgrade your IT services in Houston, contact us at ICS to learn more about how we can help. We’d like to conduct a network security assessment for your business. For a flat fee, we can provide you with the IT services you need to feel confident about security and business technology.