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IT support HoustonCloud networks have gained prominence in recent times with businesses looking for ways they can utilize this new form of computing. There are both benefits and challenges to businesses which opt to embrace this cutting-edge technology. When it comes to innovation, however, you cannot risk being left behind; you have the choice of either embracing new technology or risk being rendered irrelevant by it. In this article, we will discuss why you should allow IT support providers in Houston to guide you towards the adoption of cloud networking for your firm.

Before you hire a managed service provider to handle your cloud networking needs, you first need to decide on which type of network you would like to invest: private, public or hybrid. Private cloud networks are owned by large organizations, and public cloud networks hire space to smaller firms, while hybrid cloud networks combine both. There are pros and cons to each of these options but in this article, we will focus on the benefits and challenges of having a hybrid cloud network.

Most firms have found it both practical and economical to blend public and private cloud networks. Adopting a hybrid cloud infrastructure will afford you the security and control that comes with private cloud networks while at the same time benefiting from low cost and flexibility of public cloud networks.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Network

  • Cost savings – When you work with an IT support provider in Houston, the firm can redirect your IT needs during peak times toward public cloud networks where you will only pay for the infrastructure you need instead of having to pay for more on a private cloud network.
  • Improved security – Backing up your data in the cloud is one of the safest ways to secure your data. You can redirect sensitive and critical functions to be handled by the private cloud infrastructure which has enhanced security features, while the other functions which are not sensitive can be handled by the public cloud.
  • Enhanced agility – Your organization can leverage the flexibility afforded by public cloud networks during peak hours to avoid down times.


The Challenges of a Hybrid Cloud Network

  • Tools and skill set – Managing and operating a hybrid cloud requires staff that has skills, tools, and expertise. Your organization might have to look for outside talent to handle this kind of network.
  • Cost – Building a private network can be a costly undertaking. Similarly, unchecked use of the public cloud can prove to be expensive in the long run.
  • Security – While cloud computing is considered to be secure, you must ensure that access to the system is limited only to authorized people.


Weighing the benefits and challenges presented above, it is clear that you stand to gain more from a hybrid cloud network and that any challenges which may arise can be overcome. At ICS, we are a leading IT support provider in Houston with skills and expertise needed to help you build your hybrid cloud. Talk to us today!