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Business Phone Systems

A Quick Comparison Of Cloud Phone Service VS Onsite Phones

Your business phone system plays a critical role in your company’s operations and success. But with more employees working from home and on the go, increasingly expanding global markets, and ever-changing customer demands, today’s workforce requires that we think beyond the traditional phone systems of the past.

The modern workplace requires a complete communications and collaboration system that not only lets employees interact with ease but also empowers them to easily manage and adapt to an evolving business environment.

What Are Cloud Communications?

The Cloud simply refers to software services that are hosted by a provider and run on the Internet instead of equipment being housed in your building. Since the documents, emails, photos and software that live in the Cloud are available from any device with a secure internet connection, you can access the information and services from anywhere. Cloud Communications are essentially internet-based communications.

The Difference Between Cloud VS Onsite Phone Systems

Onsite Phones:

With an onsite phone system, you fully own and operate it. You’re responsible for the maintenance, upgrades, reliability and security. Onsite business phone systems also require an upfront purchase.

Cloud-Based Phones:

With a Cloud Phone Service your applications are hosted remotely by your cloud provider or hosting partner. They provide and manage the service relieving you from maintenance and network-related tasks. Instead of paying upfront, you subscribe via a monthly fee.

Onsite Phone System Requirements

  • Upfront Costs
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Depreciate as a Capital Expense

Plan to factor in the additional costs of system maintenance, changes/adds/deletes, upgrades and replacements. With technology constantly evolving, there’s a risk of the equipment quickly becoming obsolete. You’ll have limited flexibility when integrating new applications and rapid implementation for new sites or remote workers.

Cloud Phone Service Requirements

  • Are hosted remotely by the cloud provider or hosting partner.
  • The cloud provider manages the service, relieving you of network-related tasks.
  • Services are consumed as a monthly subscription expense.

With cloud-based phone service, you only pay for the services that you use and avoid the maintenance associated with PBX (private branch exchange) onsite phone systems.

Businesses Are Making The Move To Cloud Phone Service For Many Reasons

When it comes to communications, a cloud-based phone service offers unique benefits that a traditional onsite phone system can’t provide. A Cloud Phone System with unified communications can elevate your business.

  • Rapid Growth Potential: You can grow or scale back services easily. The built-in flexibility of the Cloud makes it a great fit for companies that need to scale.
  • Add Users & Locations Easily: If you’re moving or adding offices, cloud phone systems make it simple to add new users quickly. And you can do this in multiple locations.
  • Mobility: Cloud phone services provide seamless mobile applications so your employees can collaborate anytime, anywhere, from numerous devices.
  • Expert Installation & Maintenance: Your cloud provider provides everything you need for installation, ongoing support and automatic software upgrades.
  • No Outdated Equipment: Your provider will handle all upgrades. You never have to worry about equipment coming to an end of life.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Cloud-based solutions offer greater integration opportunities that, in turn, can help you meet the distinct needs of your customers.
  • Beat The Competition: The increased agility of cloud phone solutions can help you increase productivity, retain and attract top talent and more easily set your business apart in competitive markets.

6 More Reasons Why Cloud Phone Service Beats Out Onsite Phone Systems

Cloud Phone Service and unified communications let you use voice, data, Internet, video and other communication services through an integrated product or system. It integrates popular communications and collaboration applications to help you streamline everyday workflows and improve productivity. You’ll benefit from features including:

1. Chat/Instant Messaging: Collaborate and communicate with other employees wherever they are, even across the globe.

2. Web Conferencing & Desktop Sharing: Increase the effectiveness of your online meetings by sharing documents and visuals.

3. Video Conferencing: Benefit from integrated, cloud-based video conferencing that provides a seamless environment for a more personal communications experience.

4. Mobile Applications: Take your business line wherever you go and seamlessly move from your desk to a computer softphone to a mobile device without skipping a beat.

5. Collaboration Tools: Eliminate email clutter with virtual workspaces, team- or project-based chat rooms and task management tools.

6. Back-Office Integrations: You’ll have solutions with a broad suite of integrations to your key back-office systems such as your CRM or helpdesk systems. This will simplify routine tasks and improve reporting capabilities.

Your business will be more agile with Cloud Phone Service that’s reliable, flexible, scalable and provides greater access to innovative features designed to make your employees more productive.

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