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IT companies in HoustonOne of the problems with using an in-house IT team is they may not stay as up-to-date on cybercrime as more experienced IT companies in Houston. IT workers who aren’t challenged to learn new technology run the risk of implementing outdated solutions. An outsourced team is more likely to understand the most modern security methods, such as next-generation firewalls.

Getting the Most Out Of IT

While a diverse and well-trained IT team is ideal, many businesses actually become less efficient when they rely on their own IT teams that don’t change with the times. The most advanced IT companies in Houston have a broad knowledge of business technology, cybersecurity and how to fix problems quickly. Even an in-house team that knows your infrastructure well may not be as agile as a third party team of specialists at restoring business continuity.

Any IT team can manage firewalls, but not every IT firm stays up-to-date with the latest firewalls. Using old firewall solutions can be just as dangerous as not using any protection at all. It helps to work with a team that is educated enough to know what the latest trends are in cybersecurity and data protection.

Firewall Knowledge

Your IT team should know that the overwhelming majority of security breaches happen at the application level. They should also be aware that the growing popularity of mobile devices, especially in the workplace, present new vulnerabilities and security challenges. Since traditional firewalls are no longer reliable at protecting networks, your IT team needs to always be on top of next-generation firewall solutions.

The latest firewalls are able to analyze network data. Knowing where the technology has been and where it can go are essential for a cutting-edge IT team. Next-generation firewalls include intrusion prevention systems that alert security officials when suspicious activity occurs on a client’s network. The firewall should also be capable of both deep packet and SSL inspection.

Multi-layered Security

Modern firewalls provide excellent protection, but the most secure IT plans involve several layers of security. Your IT team should be able to provide tips to employees on how to avoid phishing schemes, which are responsible for a significant number of breaches. They should also take proactive approaches to ensure your data is regularly backed up and can be restored at any time. Businesses that allow employees to bring their own devices need mobile device management (MDM) software to overcome vulnerabilities introduced by multiple mobile systems.

Turning to IT companies in Houston can help improve your cybersecurity and expertise in business technology. Contact us now at ICS to learn more about the more appropriate methods for protecting your data.