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IT support San AntonioHackers are on a rampage working day and night to hack accounts. Since hackers know the value of your data, they are often ready to go to any extent and spend countless hours and invest heavily in their schemes to try and figure out the right combinations to your passwords. As a business owner, it is important that you counter these threats by securing your passwords. Here are some tips shared by IT support experts in San Antonio on how you can protect your corporate data:

Use Strong and Unique Passwords

Strong unique passwords are those that are formed by combining lower case letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The resulting password is much stronger than simply using easy to guess combinations of words and letters. For instance, Pa$$wo38RD is much stronger than password38.

Use Different Passwords for Different Accounts

Using the same password for multiple accounts exposes your business to serious threats. In case one of the accounts is hacked, the hackers can hack all the others sharing the password.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

IT support experts in San Antonio strongly advise businesses to use two-factor authentication to secure their accounts. If someone tries to access your accounts, you will catch them when a unique code is sent to your phone.

Embrace a Proactive Security

Instead of waiting for security threats to take a toll on your firm and business, you should talk to your MSP on how to implement proactive security measures. Some notable examples of proactive security measures include advanced endpoint security software and Internet filtering services.

Your password is akin to a key or code that secures your physical safety deposit boxes. It is, therefore, important that you secure all your accounts. At ICS, we are an IT support provider in San Antonio ready to advise you on how best to secure your online accounts. Contact us now for more details.