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Rebuffing Ransomware

managed IT services San AntonioManaged IT services in San Antonio can be essential in helping you both avoid and respond to ransomware attacks. Keep in mind, ransomware isn’t likely to stop when you pay it off. It’s apt to keep resurfacing and haranguing you, especially if you prove you’ll pay. You want to avoid this. If you’re affected by ransomware, follow steps like these:

Determine If You’ve Been Attacked

Managed IT services in San Antonio, through proactive monitoring and support, can help you determine if you’ve been hit by some ransomware attack. Additionally, if you suspect as much, you can contact such agencies to determine if you’ve got an issue. If you haven’t been attacked and you reboot systems, you’ve just initiated unnecessary downtime, so it’s essential that you know whether you’ve actually been attacked before you take specific action.

Isolate or Deactivate Servers

After you’ve determined that your network is compromised by some kind of ransomware attack, your next step is going to be seeing whether or not you can isolate the device or server where the ransomware is located before it spreads to your entire system. Again, proactive monitoring and support can be essential here, as it will stop that ransomware in its tracks.

Don’t Be Forced to Pay Ransoms

Have a BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) plan in place which allows you to reboot without losing data if you can’t isolate the ransomware and fix the machine where it’s been quarantined fast enough. Continuous backup and support are necessary for such BDR to be effective. Work with an MSP to line-out a plan of recovery that will cover you if you have to take this drastic step.

Managed IT services in San Antonio through ICS can help you to design a strategy of protection which can rebuff ransomware attack— and help you reboot if you’re too late to isolate. Contact us for more information on ransomware protection solutions.