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IT services HoustonPhishing scams are one of the biggest security threats facing companies today, and if steps aren’t taken to prevent them, they can cause major problems for your business. IT services in Houston can be configured accordingly to prevent phishing scams in the office and reduce the risk of data loss and damage to equipment. To prevent phishing scams, it’s important to create an office environment of awareness and to enable all employees to use preventative measures. Here are some ways you can prevent phishing scams in your office:

Raise Awareness

Phishing scams come in the form of emails that are designed to send a virus to your computer. These emails typically have a link embedded that will send you to a website containing a virus or have an attachment that contains a virus. They also may ask for sensitive personal or company information. The first step to preventing phishing scams is making sure employees know what they look like. Make sure that your company is consistently informing employees of new phishing techniques and what they look like. For example, the biggest red flag in an email is if there are misspellings – particularly if it claims to be from a major company. Don’t under any circumstances click on these emails.

Invest in Anti-Phishing Software

Luckily, many IT services providers in Houston now offer anti-phishing security services to their customers. Make sure your company has a strong, secure firewall installed to prevent major attacks. Each computer and tablet should also have anti-phishing software installed. Often, all you need is just a simple toolbar add-on for your web browser that can identify phishing scams and direct you away from them.

Change Passwords Regularly.

The longer you leave an account with one password, the more opportunities hackers will have to compromise it. Requiring your employees to change their passwords regularly is one of the best ways to prevent phishing scams and other malicious activity that could compromise important company data. In many cases, all you’ll need to do is have your IT provider install a software that reminds users to change their passwords on a regular basis and directs them to the appropriate page to do so.

Install Regular Software Updates

Using old web browsers and email inboxes put you at a higher risk for phishing scams. This is because many newer software models are designed specifically to prevent phishing scams. Have your IT team automatically install software updates as soon as they come out to prevent any potential problems. Not only will this prevent issues with phishing, but it will also ensure that your computers are running as efficiently as possible.

Preventing phishing scams is essential to the success of your company and should be taken very seriously. IT services providers in Houston, like us at ICS, offer the latest technologies and anti-phishing techniques to prevent damage to your systems. The most important thing is to create a culture of awareness and prevention at your company to ensure that phishing scams don’t cause serious problems. Contact us today!