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IT services San AntonioSecurity breaches can lead to valuable and sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. This can be through a malicious cyber-attack as well as through careless handling of information. In order to protect your business from such incidents, you should invest in IT services in San Antonio. With IT experts working on your cyber-security, you can prevent breaches that compromise customer, client, and business information, which can dent your business reputation and reduce your sales and income. Education about security and a commitment to implementing a cyber-security plan are key factors to consider.

Awareness and Education

To prevent security breaches, you must have your workforce on board. They are the users of your systems and devices, so all efforts must be made to educate them about cyber-security. Incorrect and improper use of business IT systems can lead to major breaches. Cyber-security plans and policies are only good to the extent that they are implemented, so these must be broken down for all users to comprehend their part in safeguarding information and using programs and devices well.

Assessing Potential Threats

Your business can prevent security breaches by assessing potential threats. Consider the size of your network, how many active users you have, and how many connected devices you have. You must also be aware of who has access to what information and what the most common data breaches are in the industry. Perhaps mobile device thefts play a major role, or it could be that emails containing sensitive information are being sent outside of your network. When you work closely with a company providing IT services in San Antonio, they can provide a security assessment of your system to identify areas of risk and vulnerability. They can also provide you with recommendations for actions to take.

Develop a Security Plan

Your business should have a security plan in place, developed in consultation with IT experts. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like depending on the size of your business and workforce. The following are some of the guidelines and standards that can be included in a cyber-security plan to prevent breaches:

  • Reduce data transfer – Have limits on how much data employees can transfer to external devices. Also, consider providing only as much as access as employees need for their individual assignment.
  • Monitor and track data – Continuously track where data is going within your network. There should also be periodic checks to monitor data leakage.
  • Enforce strong passwords – These must be unpredictable and changed on a regular basis.
  • Provide training – As technology changes and better security procedures are developed, schedule training sessions.
  • Make regular updates – Your security policy, operating systems, and programs must be kept updated. Also, consider automating security through routine check.


At ICS, we provide expert managed IT services in San Antonio. We can help manage your business IT systems and implement leading measures to protect against security threats. We also offer real-time support and proactive monitoring. Contact us for more information.