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A hosted PBX system for your small business can be good or bad. There are many benefits of having a PBX system for a small business. One of the biggest things is that instead of having to talk to a receptionist you can get to the person immediately. The customer will also be able to reach their voice mail even after the business has closed for the day. The receptionist doesn’t have to be there to answer the phone at all times therefore will be able to complete or take on other tasks. If the front desk receptionist is not aware that someone has been hired on or left the company he or she wont’ have to worry about transferring them to the wrong extension. It is easier to see if the person the customer is trying to reach is on a call.

Some of the disadvantages of having a non-professional business phone system in Houston is that it makes it less personal. Often the person answering the phone will be rushed when they are getting several calls in at once. They may not hear properly what the customer is wanting or needing so the caller will be sent to the wrong extension. Most BPX systems are VOIP or voice over internet protocol which routes calls faster, but if at anytime the internet is down the phone system can easily go down. VOIP also goes out when the electricity is out or if the company is running updates which can cause lots of lag time in calls, calls not coming in, or missed calls. This can look very bad for the company and hurt its business. Houston is a large city and every customer counts so you will want to make sure to go with a good company with a good background in order to ensure quality of the calls and the PBX system.

So as you can see there are benefits and disadvantages of having a PBX system. It can help and hurt you at the same. Making sure you have good quality employees that work the system and phones is a definite as with a PBX phone system you will have to make sure that they are not rushing the customers and the calls are being directed to the proper person. So based off your companies needs and financial status it can increase or decrease your business in sales or growth.