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IT support San AntonioThe Internet of Things (IoT) has completely changed banking, both for small community banks and large corporate ones. With IoT, banks can use high-tech connected devices to manage their daily transactions and functions more efficiently. However, with increased technological connectivity comes more security risks. IT support providers in San Antonio can help your bank stay secure in an era where digital threats are more prominent than ever.

Network segmentation to Isolate Your IoT Devices

Your IoT devices are more vulnerable when their connections are open and linked to a broader network because it’s easier for potential cybercriminals to find and access them. By isolating the segments of your network that connect to the IoT devices, it’s harder for hackers to jump from one section of your network to another, reducing the risk of a network breach.

Install Secure Firewalls for All Your Devices

Never underestimate the power of a good firewall. IT support providers in San Antonio can help you set up firewalls for every single device in your network, keeping threats out. Your networks should also be completely encrypted and require multi-step authentication to make them even more difficult to access. It can be difficult for banks to set up these security measures on their own, so it’s helpful to work with an IT firm to get them up and running.

Test Your System Security Often and Train Your Employees on Potential Threats

Since technology is always changing and advancing, it’s important that you’re consistently testing and updating your systems to protect against new threats. Working with an IT company on a regular basis to conduct tests is a good practice to get into, particularly as your bank continues to grow. It’s also very important that your employees are well-trained on how to use technology at work and that they can identify and avoid potential threats. Taking the time to run basic training sessions can go a long way toward preventing data breaches.

At ICS, we provide high quality IT support services in San Antonio. We offer IT support for companies of all sizes in a variety of industries, including the banking business, and our staff are experts on managing IoT technology and security systems. If you’re looking to improve your bank’s security practices, contact us for a consultation. We’d love to help you stay safe in a world of digital threats.